1st trimester pregnancy symptoms

Hello lovelies. I keep forgetting that not all of you follow me over on Youtube so I thought I’d try and share as many of my videos on there over here.

My latest video is all about my first trimester pregnancy symptoms and it’s safe to say I’m glad to be out of the first few weeks!

To be honest, I’ve been really lucky; it’s been quite uneventful symptoms wise but that’s not to say it’s been a walk in the park. Had I not done a test I’ve certainly know I’m pregnant nd my day to day life has been somewhat interrupted by little bambinos signs that he or she is growing ever so nicely!

I’ve not had my head down a toilet or had to make a mad dash to the toilet mid convo so I’m doing well so far!

I’d say the symptoms I’ve had these first 12 weeks have been pretty common, thirst, hunger, feeling sick but not actually being sick, tiredness … like I said the usual.

I talk a lot more in depth about each symptom and some ways I’ve managed to relieve them in this video so please do go and check it out 🙂 Oh and of course, if you haven’t already I’d love for you to subscribe!


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