18 Hours In Frankfurt

I mentioned a while back that I’m now an Emma’s Diary blogger and that one of my first projects with them was to head to Frankfurt to meet with the Pampers team.

As a faithful user of Pampers (for the boys not myself), I was really keen to meet the team and find out a little more about the brand and the faces behind it. Not to mention an all expenses paid trip to Frankfurt sounded pretty snazzy!

Well the travel aspect of the trip didn’t go too smoothly, we had a four hour delay this end, ended up missing our only night out of dinner and drinks there and then in the morning there were public transport strikes so we got stuck in A LOT of traffic getting to the venue.

Once we got there though everything ran really smoothly. The Pampers HQ is in a stunning building and the staff there were just so wonderful. I think it says a lot about the staff, how dedicated and passionate they are, and oh my goodness these people just loved their jobs. They were so proud to work for Pampers and of the accomplishments they made as a team, it was really quite inspirational. To know that some of the staff members had been there for 30+ years just shows that they look after their team and I think this is portrayed through their brand on the outside too.

I will do a post on what I learnt but for now here’s my blog … 18 hours in Frankfurt:


Thanks for watching guys!


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