12 weeks pregnant

At 12 weeks pregnant I thought it was about time to actually talk about my pregnancy so far. I didn’t want to start writing anything or filming any vlogs before now because I just didn’t want to tempt fate, even though we saw our little bundle at 9 weeks in our private scan I still felt like I’d rather wait until now to start my updates properly. There is a small post I’ve written on our 9 weeks scan though, just to share the images with you  and talk about the experience of going private.

Little one:

At 12 weeks baby is the size of a plum, weighing in at 0.49 oz and is 2.13 inches crown to rump. The scan measured bambini at

Bump – Not yet, every morning I wake up with the same belly but by the evening, after a mammoth amount of food I do have a larger food baby than normal!

Weight gain – I’m not sure the amount in numbers but I’ve definitely put some weight on. All of my button up trousers are no longer functionable unless I use a hair band to hold them together and even my leggings are uncomfortably tight.

As I said before I don’t have a bump yet but I think my excessive eating has meant I’ve put on a little round the tum and some junk in the trunk!  I’ve ordered some maternity clothes because I’m fed up of feeling uncomfortable and really want to rock this pregnancy as it will most likely be my last.

Symptoms – I have filmed a pregnancy symptoms video which I’ll be uploading over the next few days so stay tuned for that. It’s all pretty standard stuff though; hungry, thirsty, tired, feeling sick and back ache pretty much sum up my last couple of months!

I feel so out of touch with bumpdates as it’s been so long since my series of them with Jasper but so far I don’t really have much else to update you on. I can’t feel the baby yet but I know it won’t be long till I feel those teeny tiny little flutters and I just cannot wait to see him or her kicking about in my belly. Oh my goodness, I also can’t wait for the boys to feel baby moving in my tummy!

Please do comment below anything you think I should mention in these as I feel like I have major baby brain at the moment!

Thanks for reading!
Jess x


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