Pregnancy has been an absolutely amazing journey so far, and even though it has all gone pretty much how I expected it to, there have been a few surprises along the way. Some good and some not so pleasant!

Here are 12 things that I have noticed during my pregnancy that I really didn’t see coming!

1- Random people touching my belly

Now I’m not saying that I didn’t expect people to want to feel the baby moving, but I was expecting them to touch my belly on my terms. I was thinking it would be more of a ‘hey the baby’s moving do you want to feel?’ and then I would guide the person to the right area and tell them when the baby had stopped. Oh no no, I was very wrong there!

As soon as people notice that you have a bump, or even hear that you are pregnant it is like a magnet suddenly attracts their hand to your tummy. No matter how long you have known them, or even if you’ve never met them before. No matter where you are or how blady cold their hands are, they will touch!

I guess I should appreciate that this little bump is bringing people closer to me but time and a place people, maybe a do not touch unless invited sign would be appropriate?

2 – Uncontrollable gas

I’ve never been a big one for passing wind and even when the baby apps and books suggested that I would more than likely be passing wind on a regular basis, I thought, who me? No, no I don’t think so! Not that I’m in denial or anything, I know that I do toot from time to time but I just couldn’t imagine the uncontrollable part! I didn’t even bat an eyelid when my other pregnant friends uncontrollable gas took tune to every step of the stairs, or conveniently upon sitting or standing. Well I did more than bat an eyelid, I giggled like a 5 year old boy, but I still didn’t think it would be me next.

So when I jumped out of bed in the morning to start my day and out roared a loud one, I was more than taken aback. I even looked round to see if it was Pete but as he wasn’t in the room, I had to admit defeat, it had started! I’ve since woken up to a few, yep they were that loud that they woke me up! Luckily though, they have never occurred around other people and I’m hoping it stays that way!

3 – Heartburn- Is not a burn in your heart!?

Ok so I was obviously being quite naive, but I always thought that heartburn was a burning feeling in your heart, I mean, it makes sense doesn’t it? I’d never suffered from it pre pregnancy and it took me a while to realise what it was when it felt like fire was travelling up my throat! After some googling I confirmed that it was in fact heartburn.

It’s become quite a regular occurrence since week 24 and usually happens just before I want to settle down for bed. I’ve been recommended stopping spicy food but this is NOT going to happen, I’m too much of a spice lover, so I’ve tried the other suggestions. As someone who hates taking medication with a passion, I wanted to give home remedies a try first, so after mints, milk and bananas I settled for none other than love hearts! Those usually useless  sweets apparently contain mostly the same ingredients as ‘Rennie’ tablets and you know what, they worked a treat! I’ve gone 3 days with no heartburn and have been scoffing love hearts throughout each day, perhaps not the healthiest thing to do but if it means no nasty heartburn I’m happy!

4 – I can no longer see my downstairs

I have a tiny baby bump. He’s popped out all of a sudden but I’m really lucky in that he is a very neat bump and so far (I say in mild confidence) I haven’t put on weight anywhere else. It wasn’t until I attempted the simple task of a shave however, that I realised my bump was completely blocking my view! Not that I particularly want to look down there, it’s just a weird feeling not being able to! I’m also restricted to certain methods of putting on my socks and shoes and getting in and out of bed, the car and the bath!

5 – My boobs rest on my belly

I’ve also noticed that when I sit down, my bump rests on my legs and my boobs rest on my bump. It’s kind of cool and novelty now but I’m really hoping it’s not something that’s going to stick around once Rabbit is born! I had a boob job back in Feb, something that I probably wouldn’t have had done if I’d known I was going to be pregnant less than 6 months later! I love them and they brought me from a small B to a small D which suits my frame great but when I fell pregnant I just assumed that they would stay the same, I mean, I did’t think that they could get bigger, but I was wrong!

They’ve now gone up another cup size, dropped a lot and have those road map veins that again I always heard about but never thought I’d get! I know they’re going to keep getting bigger and I’m just praying that they don’t drop too much after. I know that sounds vein but it’s a little fear of mine!

6 – Lie-in’s aren’t lazy

I was NEVER ever one to sleep in till late. I’ve always been an early riser and even if I don’t need to wake up, once I’m up I’m up and I can’t stay in bed. Instead of relaxing I always think I could have done the washing up by now, or I could be half way to the gym by now. That was until I fell pregnant! Now I could stay in bed all day and I don’t feel guilt or lazy. Well I might as well make the most of it before the sleepless nights and early mornings!

7- I love selfies

I’ve always been someone who laughed at selfies. I love a photo moment, and I’m the first to want a group shot or picture with one of my besties but to take a picture of myself in the mirror and post it for all to see just wasn’t something I felt confident to do…until now!

This little Rabbit is too good not to share and as a proud mummy with a bump I’ve found myself taking many a picture in different outfits, at different angels, with different filters. You’re only pregnant for a small part of your life so why not document it right!?

8 – I’m thirsty all the time!

I have never been so thirsty in all of my life! I knew that I’d have to drink more water to compensate for all the changes in my body, and I have been trying to drink a lot more, but there are times where less than ten mins after downing a glass of water, I’ll feel like I’ve been walking through a desert for 3 months! It also makes my mouth feel gross like I haven’t brushed my teeth for a while, and I am a serial brusher!

9 – I stare at kids

There’s no way that this cannot sound creepy so there it is, I stare at kids. I know it’s a maternal thing, me feeling excited that I have all of that to come but sometimes I feel worried that the parent will think I’m a wierdo! I don’t stare intensely or anything, I just look and smile, and to be honest it probably isn’t even noticeable that I’m looking but I definitely feel like a creep. It’s easily solved though, I think holding my belly so that it’s clear I’m pregnant explains it and makes the parent feel more at ease!

10- I love my own company even more because he’s here

I never really liked going out anywhere on my own, I’d always prefer to be with someone else. If I was ever out shopping or going to appointments I’d more than likely be on my phone talking to someone or browsing Facebook! Now however I feel like I’m never alone. Even though I can’t talk to Rabbit out loud in public without looking like a wierdo, I feel like I have that confidence of being with my little buddy and shopping trips are now a lot more fun!

11- I’m unfit

Oh em gee, I’ve never felt more unfit than now. My plan to stay active during pregnancy went down the drain as soon as we moved back to the UK. Of course I didn’t want to overdo it and stick to my usual routine but I had planned to keep up with regular moderate exercise. At 26 weeks, and with walking to the car being the most exercise I do except for my first antenatal class I did at Kiddicare this week, it’s safe to say I’m a tad out of shape. I had Rhys for the day yesterday and decided a dance off would be fun. By dance off I mean me dancing around the kitchen like an idiot and him staring at me like … I’m an idiot, and wow did I get out of breath!

12 – I don’t have stretch marks

I just assumed that everyone would get them. I’m sure that I will be cocky and then once Rabbit is out I’ll suddenly be hit by a belly covered in them, but for now I’m stretch mark free! I use bio oil everyday so that may be why, or I may just be extremely lucky …we shall see!


So there you have it, 12 things I didn’t expect during pregnancy. I’m sure there will be plenty more to come but for now these are enough to work with!



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