10 things I said I’d never do … and did

We all had those ‘I’ll never do that with my child’ moments right? Those disapproving looks at other mums who let their children throw temper tantrums, or give in to the use of a pacifier?

I certainly did. I wasn’t dead set on anything but I did know that there were certain things I would either always or never do. Here are some of them:

1 – I’ll breastfeed until my baby is 1, at least

2 – I’ll never use a dummy

3 – Co-sleeping? No way!

4 – I’m going to make all of Rhys’s food from scratch

5 – I’ll take my baby for walks everyday

6 – Being the 3rd child, my baby book is not even half complete – my babies will be full!

7 – I’ll never say ‘NO’

8 – Bed time is bed time – I’ll never let baby play around

9 – My boys won’t be watching TV

10 – I won’t be giving my baby sweets to settle him


Any of these sound familiar to you mumas? Want to know how I’ve gotten on with them?

1 – I stopped breastfeeding at 3 months; after mastitis, tongue tie, thrush, engorgement and slow weight gain – we’d had enough!

2 – Jasper has a dummy, we call it a dodo and it’s from Nux. Although he rarely takes it; it does get used as a gentle mute button when times get too much! Plus this is an orthodontic one so I don’t worry about his teeth (when he gets them).photo 2-112

3 – From day 1, if Jasper wouldn’t go back in his moses basket, he’d surely settle in our bed. Luckily it’s not become a habit and he only jumps in with us when he wakes up around 7am.

4 – I use jars. Jars, packets, pots – Rhys loves them. They’re quick and easy, especially when we’re out and about. I do make a lot of his meals but when we don’t have time to prepare one, it’s Heinz Spag Bol I’m afraid!photo 1-114

5 – There are days that we don’t even leave the house. We do go for walks and to baby group and to visit friends and family; but sometimes you just need a lazy day right!?

6 – Jasper has maybe 3 pages of his baby book complete. I do have my blog though, and his milestone cards.

7 – I always wanted to say ‘yes, if you tidy up first’ or ‘you can, but it’ll make you sick’. Pfft, no is just easier. Rhys wouldn’t understand those bargains yet; what he does understand is ‘no’, or ‘hot’ or ‘yucky’, so for now, those will do. When a babies walking towards a bit of chewing gum on the floor who has time for ‘if you touch that you’ll get germs and I’ll be cross’?

8 – Sometimes Rhys and Jasper just aren’t tired. Is it really worth fighting to get them to bed on time for 2 hours when they could stay up an extra hour, ware themselves out and go off with ease?

9 – Calming down time for Rhys consists of books or TV. It’s our ways of recuperating while he slowly winds down. Jasper on the other hand, could watch TV all day. Come dine with me, TOWIE, anything trashy – he’s hooked!

10 – we have a milky buttons draw. Rhys knows where it is. If we’re going out, we take a stash. Life is better that way!


What did you swear you’d never do … but did?


Thanks for reading! xx



  • Claire Quaile
    4th August 2014 at 3:22 pm Reply

    I said I’d never use jars and pouches – yeah, that didn’t last long! With a toddler and a 6 month old its all about what’s easiest for us! Your boys are beautiful 🙂 xx

    • Jessica
      8th August 2014 at 11:15 am Reply

      It’s definitely all about what’s easy now; otherwise I’d probably end up staying in my pj’s all day! Aww thanks so much 🙂

  • Dianne
    4th August 2014 at 7:03 pm Reply

    It is so nice to hear that you have joined the “real” world of motherhood x

    • Jessica
      8th August 2014 at 11:15 am Reply

      haha I certainly have! xx

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