I like to think that we learn from every experience. Even the bad we can take something away from and I think that’s why I’m quite a positive person.

Now parenting, if that can’t teach you a little about yourself then I don’t know what can! There is so much that Iv’e learnt about my abilities, temperament, attitudes, morals etc that I never knew or appreciated.

It’s taken some sleepless nights and a few changes of clothes (baby sick) to realise them; but here are 10 things I’ve learnt about myself as a mummy:

1I’m the most important person – in Jaspers life, I am no1, closely followed by daddy of course! I’m the one to console him, to feed him, to keep him clean, happy, healthy and entertained. That’s a lot of pressure!

2I’m also the least important person – when Jasper is hungry, my plate gets put down. When Jasper wakes up from his nap, I cut my bath short. If Jasper’s feeling poorly – I cancel my lunch date. It’s as simple as that, my to do lists, my plans – they are all Jaspy depending and you know what, that’s fine.

3* I have the strength of 10,000 men – When it’s raining, I have 20 shopping bags, a brick-filled changing bag and a wriggly baby to carry all at once – bring it the f*** on! No problem. I may not be able to feel my fingers afterwards but screw it, my inner hulk is there when I need it!

4* I can survive on broken sleep – thanks to my morning cuppa and a brisk walk of course. There are nights where Jasper won’t go to sleep ntil the early hours of the morning. He’ll then wake up every hour or two for a feed or cuddle. He’ll sleep in the day sure but that’s when I need to catch up on life. I can’t sleep in the day no matter how tired I am so I’m never catching up on sleep, but I can do it, I have to!

5* I can’t do everything – Sure I may have superwoman tendancies but even awesomeness needs a break haha I can’t keep up with blogging, housework, my appearance, my social life AND be the best mum I can be. I just can’t. In fact if I wanted to do everything with Jasper including hugging and staring at him while he sleeps, I’d live in filth and be a recluse. There’s a balance, a great balance but of course Jasper tips the scale.

6* I can rock sick on my shoulder and bags under my eyes – who knew it would look so great!? I get the odd moment where I feel like crap because quite frankly I look like crap but hey I’m a mum. Sick on the shoulder, messy hair don’t care and sweats are a mum version of glam to me – when else would it be acceptable?

7* My interests and goals have completely changed – Sure I fancy a night out every now and again but my weekends are no longer focused on which club to go to and where to go shopping. I don’t spend my evenings searching through ASOS (as much) I spend it searching through the Great Little Trading Co. I don’t want to work to survive I want to work to build great bridges for my sons future.

8* I have a new appreciation for all things baby – who knew pushchairs and rompers could be so exciting! Before I was pregnant I never knew just how much I’d love looking at the latest highchair specs or comparing monitor features!

9* I’m a worrier, who’d have thought it!? – I worry. I never used to worry like this. If Jaspers in bed I worry about him. I make up completely ridiculous scenarios in my head that could have happened or maybe will happen but have no relevance or importance at the moment.

10* I get rage – Not only do I flip out at Pete when he puts the wrong amount of scoops in Jaspers bottle but I get road rage. I also cry if the customer service representative is rude to me or if a sad advert comes on TV. I’m just a tad over emosh!


What have you learnt about yourself as a mummy?

Thanks for reading xx