Okay so I’m a little late with this update, which is typical after spending every other update talking about how close we were to this very one … but hey ho, having a one year old seems to be more time consuming than I thought!

Well Jenson you are one, you are officially a delicious one year old boy and certainly far from being a baby anymore. You’re cheeky, you’re loving and you spend your days smiling or scrunching your face up and blowing out of your nose loudly – you’re happy and that’s all I could ever wish for.


Well there’s nothing like turning one and gifting your muma with a big fat sleep regression. This ones sleep has suddenly gone from angelic to troublesome and even though he still sleeps a good 12 hours solid most nights, he’s having two-three nights a week of disturbed sleep. He’ll go down fine as normal but wakes anything from once to three times in the night and won’t settle for anything less than a bottle of milk. He’s also been gifting us with some lovely early rises of around 6am but we do still get the majority of 8am wake ups so I can’t complain too much.

He still naps in the day, usually for one to two hours and I’m going to be a bit stricter with those from now on to try and get this night time sleep back on track. I think if I limit the sleep but make sure that he gets enough to not be overtired before bedtime that should be fine.


The biggest change in Jenson’s feeding is that he’s moved onto cows milk. He still has his three bottles of 7oz but they’re now of full fat blue top milk rather than Aptimil formula. This may be the cause of his sudden night wakes as someone did mention to me that cows milk is much less dense than formula so I’m going to try and increase his food intake and see if that makes any difference.

Food wise he’s a real foody, he loves to eat most things and I’vee managed to get him away from pouches and more onto solid food as he went through a phase of only really eating pouches. I’d say as the weather has been hotter his appetite has been slightly less but in general he loves his food and would graze all day if he could.


Jenson’s main milestone this month was starting nursery! He now goes one day a week, to the same place as his big brother Jasper and on one of the same days from 9am-4pm. His transition went really smoothly and Im going to write a blog post on this and probably make a video too as he just did so incredibly well! I think his sleep isn’t as great there but that’s to be expected and he does cry as soon as we pick him up but that’s more of an overwhelming happiness … I hope so anyway, I’d like to think it’s that rather than him not wanting to go home with us haha

In terms of other milestones there’s nothing new to report really; Jenson isn’t walking yet but is crawling with the speed of light and loves cruising around the furniture. On a couple of occasions he’s let go of the furniture and stood for a couple of seconds before either holding back on to it or dropping to the floor which has been exciting! He’s also a big time climber now; he’s been caught climbing the stairs, Stokke highchairs and Jaspers kitchen steps onto the work surface – it’s a bit of a nightmare. Some serious baby proofing has gone on in our house but there really isn’t any way of stopping him from climbing onto the sofa and diving off into the ball pit so I’m working on teaching him to tuck and roll as a last resort instead of getting rid of the sofas!

Teeth wise Jenson is still on four teeth; we had some teething signs a few weeks back and I thought he may have had a new one popping through but it’s still a no show. I don’t mind at all, I’m in no rush for him to be anything but my baby and he’s intent on biting me whether he has four teeth or ten so it really makes no difference to me!


Climbing, wrestling with his big brothers, cuddles and kisses, toy cars and trains.


Having his nappy changed, face wiped, getting dressed/ undressed or being fed – he insists on doing the latter himself! He’s also scared of Jasper’s toy dinosaur that walks and roars – much to Jasper’s delight!


Well there we have it, Jenson’s one year update. For a milestone that I built up to in my mind with such anxiety it’s actually been incredible. He was as much of my baby the day he turned one as the day before and he has continued to be every day since. This is the last monthly update that I’ll be doing for Jenson but I will be sharing how we celebrated his first birthday and then yearly and milestone relevant ones from here on 🙂


Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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