A wonderful weekend

You know that feeling on a Sunday night when you get into bed and think ‘yea, this weekend has been lovely’? Well I’ve got that feeling.

Except for a slight (major – for another post) wedding related hitch, it’s been such a fantastic weekend. One of those weekends that’s been jam packed with fun and yet really chilled and relaxing. It hasn’t rushed straight passed us without an inch of significance. We’ve done stuff. We’ve seen family and friends. We’ve enjoyed the moments.

Thursday night my sister arrived home from her new home – Sweden, with her boyfriend Christer. We spent Friday in Winchester, wandering through the markets and exploring the touristy attractions that otherwise we’d simply walk straight past.

We had a stroll around the Cathedral and looked at King Arthur’s round table in the Great Hall.



Of course we had to do the standard ‘Jaspy’s carrying the round table above his head’ snap!

We also looked at the pretty gardens which did have some historical significance but I can’t remember what!



How beautiful does my Muma look here by the way!?

We then stopped for a coffee at a quaint little coffee shop and I fell in love with the crockery!



Friday night my parents, Heidi and Christer went to see the Lion King and Pete went to boxing so I was left to snuggle my boys!


Saturday was pretty jam packed. In the morning me and Jaspy went to visit my friend from uni Tash and her new baby boy Bobby. Oh my goodness he is just so gorgeous, I forgot how tiny they can be! Look how incredible his hair is and his little facial expressions are just adorable!


It was great to see how motherhood suited Tash and I also got to catch up with some of my other uni friends which was great!


Of course Jaspy wanted to get on on the pics!

Unfortunately it was a flying visit but for good reason as it was my beautiful little niece Sienna’s 3rd birthday party! My squishy little baby niece was now 3 going on 13!

My brother and sister in law threw a garden party with a magician an along with the bouncy castle, trampoline and fab spread – it was perfect!




Sunday was more chilled. We all enjoyed breakfast outside cooked by the men of the family and then after dropping Rhys to his mums we sat down outside again for a lovely BBQ cooked by Pete!

The weekend would have been perfectly topped off with a full nights sleep but unfortunately Jasper’s reign of sleeping through the night was cut short with 2 night feeds! Thanks Jasper!

How did you spend your weekend?

Thanks for reading! xx



  • Dianne
    8th September 2014 at 6:46 pm Reply

    It really was the most perfect weekend ever x

    • Jessica
      1st October 2014 at 6:58 pm Reply

      It definitely was muma! xx

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