What’s in my hospital bag?

One of the most important things to do during pregnancy when your due date is looming near is to pack your hospital bag for you and for baby. Now they recommend doing this closer to 35 weeks but in true me-style, I did it at 39+6; yes that’s right the day before my due date. I definitely wouldn’t recommend leaving it this late to anyone but it was purely because I was waiting on some final products that I’d ordered or was being sent to review. I know that if I’d gone into labour early I would have been absolutely fine and had the bare essentials ready to go, I was just waiting on a few added luxuries to make my experience that much more comfortable.

I decided to use my Coco Bow Ebony changing bag as it’s a dark colour and made from a wipe clean material which was perfect for being in a hospital. I know hospitals are actually very clean places but if it was going to be left on the floor and potentially right next to me while giving birth I wanted something I could clean and know would be germ-free when I started using it with my new bambino! It was the perfect size for all of my essentials, I just needed to have my towel and cool bag separately, and of course it looked super stylish! If you’d like to check out their gorgeous bags I have a £10 discount code Jess10 off any purchase that you can use at checkout!



*Change for parking – not all meters accept card

*Camera, empty memory card, full battery & charger

*Phone and charger

*Hospital notes and birth plan


During labour:

*Something to wear  – completely down to preference, I’ve gone for a black baggy vest top but last time I wore a long sleeved black top. You may want a dress or nightie incase you walk around and want to cover your modesty. You may also want socks in case it’s cold in the room and of course if you’re having a water birth then maybe a bikini top, although I plan to go topless or wear my vest.

*Water bottle with straw

*(optional) Cool bag with ice lollies, flannel to cool face & cooling face spray

*(optional) essential oils, massage oil, battery operated candles, hypnobirthing CD/ downloaded on phone with headphones



*Lip balm

*Hair brush and ties/ clips


*Shampoo/ conditioner

*Body wash/ moisturiser

*Hand sanitiser and hand cream

*Face wipes – can be used to cool off and refresh under arms too

*Toothpaste and toothbrush

*Skin care routine

*Nursing pads

*Maternity pads


*Big knickers – maternity or just size up

*Nursing bra

*Loose fitting clothing in case you stay in for a few hours or days; preferably a front opening top and loose bottoms or a nightie for feeding


*Going home outfit – something comfortable


There are some great companies out there that create pre-made hospital bags so that you don’t have to! The Essential Bag Company for example, have a range of bundles for mum and baby that cover everything from the essentials to the luxuries. You can also create your own bundles if you already have a bag or some of the contents; or simply if you’d like to tailor make you ow package. You can choose from a range of luxury changing bags including fab brands such as Pacapod, Storksak and Babymel; and then select your contents of toiletries and treats. Check out my video below to see what goodies I selected from! It could also make a wonderful baby shower gift for a new mum to be and they also create gorgeous new mum, new dad and big brother and sister bags too!


For baby

For both of my labours I’ve had separate bags for myself and for baby; I just find it easier because you don’t need to route through too much stuff to find what you need. It also means if you’re in a huge hurry you can just grab your own bag from the car and send your birth partner back to get babies bag once they’re born.

If you’d like to see what I’ve packed in babies bag then click here.


For your partner

You’ll also need your partner to pack a few essentials; mainly their phone, snacks for energy and a change of clothes in case their in for a while with you. You could always take the pressure off and get them to pack some of the other bits like change for parking, massage oil etc too if your bag is getting a bit crammed.



What were your hospital bag essentials? Don’t forget to check out what I packed in baby boys bag too!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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