What’s in my hospital bag?

Here it is, I’ve finally gotten round to posting about my hospital bag! In fact, I should say I’ve finally gotten round to packing it. It’s not that I’ve been putting it off, I’ve just taken a little time to get everything together .

I packed Rabbit’s bag a few days ago, you can see what I put in there here. His one was easy, as there wasn’t too much to put in. I also got some great feedback from other muma’s on my post which was really helpful – thank you ladies!!

My bag however was a little trickier. I had a sudden panic this week where I woke up and just had to pack my bag. It’s not because I’d had any signs of labour, but I realised that he’s going to arrive any day now and instead of waiting to find the perfect nursing top to wear or slippers to bring I needed to just pack what I’ve got and relax!

So here it is …

My mum lent me one of her bags which is the perfect size. I didn’t want a huge one as I know I’d end up just putting more and more in it to fill it. This size is perfect as it’s not all crammed in there but it’s pretty compact.

It has a zip fastening to secure everything and has a couple of pockets inside for my phone and any bits of jewellery I may need to remove.hospital bag

*1 Pillow as I’ve heard to hospital ones aren’t comfy

*1 Body towel as I’m not sure if the hospital provide them

*1 Pair of Slippers incase I’ll be pacing the hallway

*1 Pair of Socks incase it gets chilly

*3 x disposable pants

*3 x plain black pants

*Black vest for in the birthing pool

*1 nursing nightie in case I stay overnight

*Joggers and a t-shirt to wear home

*Spare top incase baby is sick on me!

I’m really fortunate to have been sent a hospital starter kit from Lily and Me which provided most of the items below. Toiletries wise there was only the flannel and conditioner that I had to provide myself which was fab!

Toiletries bag ….

photo 2-50

*Flannel to keep my face cool during labour

*Shampoo & Conditioner incase I stay overnight and want to wash

*Body wash & Moisturiser again incase I stay overnight

*Face wash & Moisturiser to help me feel refreshed after labour

*Deodorant because I’m definitely going to sweat and smell!

*Toothpaste & Toothbrush to help me freshen up

*Lip balm to keep my lips from chapping

*Breast pads to stop any leaking

* Maternity pads – no need to explain!

*Face wipes to freshen up quickly

*Hair brush, Mirror, Hair bands and grips


I know that a lot of the lists suggest a dressing gown but I think I’d rather one of Petes hoodies to keep me snuggly so I’ll be taking one of those … whether he likes it or not! mwaha

I’ll also be bringing my iPhone which I’ll use as a camera and to listen to music and keep occupied if need be. My plan is to be relaxed with my natal hypnotherapy so I’m going to try and put my relaxation music on my phone to listen to.

I’ll also pop my charger in as well as some snacks … advice on the types of snacks you’ve found useful would be great!

Anything I’ve missed? What were your hospital must-haves?


Thanks for reading 🙂 xx


  • Jenny
    28th March 2014 at 6:01 pm Reply

    Great preparation for your hospital bag. Looks like you are all ready for the big day my lovely. I am so excited for you. I can’t wait to read all about your new family addition on your blog soon. EEEK Makes me want another baby so bad. Best of luck Happy Mother’s Day too! #sharewithme

    • Jessica
      28th March 2014 at 8:14 pm Reply

      Aww thanks lovely! I can’t wait to meet him and share with everyone! Ooh do it do it! xxx

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