We’re in Jamaica

I’m not sure I’ve even mentioned our little Summer adventure on here yet but incase you’ve missed it on my Youtube channel or Instagram – we’re in Jamaica!

Pete is an I.T consultant by trade and has landed a pretty amazing 3 month contract in Jamaica and while we have some freedom to travel before Jasper starts school in September, we decided to fly out and join him for 5 glorious weeks of sunshine!

We’ve been out here for a week so far, and are staying in a gated community called Richmond Estate in the parish of St Ann. It’s around a 2 hour drive from Pete’s work in Kingston but it means that we’ve got a safe place for me and the boys to stay with a pool, park, tennis courts and shop onsite! There’s also a private beach a few minutes drive away so it really is a great option if resorts aren’t your thing and as we’re renting it from one of Pete’s friends we got a pretty good deal too!

Pete leaves for work around 7am and doesn’t usually get home until around 8pm so we’re pretty chilled during the week and then living for the weekends to go off and explore this stunning island!

So far we’ve eaten at a few local restaurants that were highly recommended, like Miss T’s Kitchen and Sharkeez on the beach and have been for a mini staycation weekend away at Melia Bravo resort in Montego Bay. The weekdays have been super relaxed with the first few days spent in the villa and playing in the garden with the paddling pool as Jasper came out with chickenpox on day one of our stay!

I’m going to be doing lots of content while we’re here; like tips on flying a long haul flight solo with two children (yep I survived that); living abroad essentials, chickenpox in the heat and also lots of reviews of the restaurants, resorts and attractions that we visit; so if travel is your thing, or you just want to know how our family is getting on in the Caribbean then definitely stay tuned!

I’m still posting three times a week on my Youtube channel, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm UK time and I’m sharing a lot on my Instagram feed and stories so head on over to those too!

Well while Jenson is napping and Jasper is drawing a treasure map I’m going to sit with my ocean view and the cool Caribbean breeze on my skin and type up a few more of our Jamaican adventures!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x



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