We’re back!

You may have noticed that over on my Youtube channel Id taken a bit of a break from the weekly vlogging. I swear it had been about 2 months but looking back over my uploads it was only about 6 weeks – still pretty long when you’re used to daily blogging your life!

I say I took a break, it wasn’t really a choice. My kit lens that comes with my camera got broken so I could only use my additional lens which is so zoomed in for detail I can only use it for far away shots or sit down videos. Holding the camera with this lens would literally just show a blur of my nose so and sadly meant unless I used my iPhone, I couldn’t log for a while.

Replacing the lens would have cost more than buying a new camera and the excess of claiming a new camera would have cost more than the camera itself so I just decided to wait until I had a bit more money saved up to justify it, bite the bullet and buy a new one.

I went for the exact same one, as it really is a fab camera – Sony a5000. I’m used to it, I know it’s settings and it’s always done me well. It now means that I have two of the same camera but one that I can keep my kit lens on purely for blogging and one that I can leave at home on my desk ready for sit down videos and photoshoots.

I did love the break if I’m honest, it was nice to just be in the moments and focus more of other videos I wanted to produce; giving me a lot more time to focus on family and other aspects of life without spending every moment editing. I did however hate not capturing certain aspects of the past few weeks. The boys turned 2 and 3; my pregnancy has sped along and we’ve had so many wonderful family days out, occasions and holidays it would have just been nice to blog them.

I’m not sure if I’ll go back to weekly blogging fully; it was a big commitment and something I found built a lot of pressure. SO I’m going to do the odd DITL and if we have an exciting week I’ll film that too. No pressure for a Sunday gift upload or regular appearance. Once I’ve worked out the balance and how it’ll fit into daily life again, I’ll be able to commit to something a bit more concrete.

So here is our first DITL video, a little day of swimming, soft play and visiting friends. I hope you like it and for those of you that have said you missed us – we missed you too!

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