Adventures with Reecey and Sienna – Weekend Box Review

I’ve realised that I speak about Rabbit and Rhys a lot on my blog but I rarely talk about the two other mini loves of my life, my nephew and niece – Reece and Sienna!

Up until me and Pete moved home and Rhys became part of my family, they were the only kiddies on our side and they make every family occasion that much more special!

My mum looks after them every Monday and I love to pop round there and spend some quality time with them. We often meet up as a family with my brother, sister-in-law, mum and dad at the weekend but if we haven’t anything planned it’s lovely to know I can always see them on a Monday.

Usually we play their favourite ‘Big bad wolf’ games but I was really excited to bring a ‘Weekend Box’ over to enjoy with them.

The Weekend Box is a fab box of activities for kiddies to enjoy made by The Weekend Box Club. They are sent out fortnightly right to your door and are full of fun and educational activities for kiddies aged 4-6.



The packaging is so child friendly and attractive for kiddies with the little woodland creatures. Every corner of the packaging has something eye catching and informative and what’s more, 100% of the Weekend Box contents are reusable or recyclable; 95% come from recycled material.

Each box contains something to Make, Cook, Explore and something Green.


Also included in each box is:

*A set of instructions for each activity – colour coded to match the activity packs

*Stickers for finishing each activity which can go on the instruction pages, or anywhere little one likes!

*A sticker for completing the whole box

*A place to put your sticker for completing the whole box. Once your  little one has completed 5 boxes they can take a picture of their 5 stickers and if you send a pic of it to the Weekend Box Club, they’ll send a surprise with the next box!


Reece and Sienna completed two of the activities. The first being the   Pot of Gold Game.

Included was the pipe cleaners and gold coins and all you needed to add was your own mug, cup or bucket.


First of all we looked at what a rainbow is, sang the colours of the rainbow and then learnt about leprechauns …IMG_2047IMG_2048

The kiddies then placed the pipe cleaners in the pot to make a rainbow …IMG_2049

and voila … Reecey and Sisi’s ‘Pot of Gold’! Look at that grin – *heart melting!IMG_2051

After making it, Reecey then had a go at playing  ‘Toss the Gold in the Pot’ (Sienna had gotten distracted at this point)IMG_2053

Unfortunately we lost one gold coin down the gaps of the decking so moved the game to the grass hahaIMG_2054

Sienna then rejoined us and thought it would be fun to pretend the slide was the rainbow … they certainly had lots of fun!IMG_2056

The next activity that Reecey and Sisi completed was making a ‘Goggly-eyed Bird’. The pack contained paper for the body of the bird, powder blue paint, goggly eyes, feathers, glue and paper for the tail!

All we needed to add was a bowl and water to mix the paint, a sponge to paint with and some scissors for me to cut the birds body. Oh and a pencil for Reece to draw the birds body shape.


Reecey started by drawing around a small gown to make a body for the bird.IMG_2060

Him and Sienna then took it in turns to paint the biddy blue (once I’d cut out the circle shape).IMG_2062

Once we’d left it to dry on the washing line, they got to work decorating the bird. I folded the shape in half to make a semi-circle and they kiddies stuck on some goggly eyes …

some feathers …IMG_2058

and the strips of tail that I cut for them …IMG_2065

and here is Sienna proudly holding the finished biddy! Very creative if I do say so myself 🙂

The kids really loved these activities and it made such a change from the normal board games and activities that we normally do. They have so much fun all the time but sometimes it’s nice to sit down and do a project from start to finish.

There are two more activities left, an exploring activity making sounds and a cooking activity making green pancakes! I can’t wait to try these out with them!

Weekend Boxes are £7.50 each with free delivery and your first one is only £5! For 4 activities I think this is fab. Not to mention we had lot’s of paper and paint left over so the kiddies will be able to get even more crafty!

I love that the activities are so varied and not only fun but educational. Reece will be starting school in September so I think it’s especially important for him to have educational activities to help him prepare.

If you’d like to give the Weekend Box a go with your kiddies they’ve very kindly given me this promo code which entitles you to your first box for free! JESSICA157 – simply enter it at the checkout to get yours!

Thanks for reading xxdownload1_zps1b46984f


  • Family Fever
    26th March 2014 at 10:39 am Reply

    We loved our Weekend Box, so much to so in a small parcel! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    • Jessica
      26th March 2014 at 10:51 am Reply

      It’s fab isn’t it!? So much fun for the kiddies! xx

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