wekk 26I’m now in week 26 and I’m starting to feel a little panicky that I have so much to do! I’ve been nesting since we got back to the UK but when I look at the fruits of my labour I realise that I haven’t actually accomplished a lot. After all of my cleaning and planning I’m left with  a lovely clean house, a large to do list and a lot less time to prepare for Rabbits arrival!

I do however have a lot more energy now and the real privelage of having my days free so now is the time to start focusing on getting s**t done! My priority at the moment is the nursery. We have lots of clothes for Rabbit but so far they are all in a box on the floor. We have the moses basket and swinging crib but what I really want is a place to put everything and a chance to get crafty and creative! I have a lot of great DIY and crafty ideas on my Rabbits den pinboard on Pinterest I just need to decide on a nursery set and get it here.

I also need to decide on which hospital I want to deliver at. Initially I went with Winchester but I’ve since had really mixed reviews and a lot of people recommending Southampton. I’m going to see if I can have a tour of either of them as the virtual tours don’t look too great and I’m hoping don’t do them justice!

My other priority at the moment is deciding on the type of birth. I’ve been set on a water birth as it really relaxes me to be in water; and I’m going to try natal hypnotherapy to make my birth as natural as possible. However I’m not naive and I do know that there is no shame in needing pain relief. I mean, if you had a broken arm you wouldn’t be brave and say no to pain relief would you? I certainly wouldn’t! SO I’m going to look into the different types and decide which is best for me.


Onto the little man:

Movements – He’s still really active first thing in the morning and just before bedtime and I have no concerns about how much he’s moving the little wriggler!

As big as a … lettuce! How fitting for little Rabbit 🙂 According to my app he’s around 14 inches in length and weighs around 2 pounds. He has little eyelashes, his skin has colour as it’s producing melanin and his immune system is ready for the outside world!


As for muma:

Energy – I’ve been feeling a lot more energetic and I think thats a lot to do with me getting more active!

Hair – I’ve been washing my hair less and less and it’s been looking better and better! I probably wash it once a week now and it’s the healthiest and shiniest it’s been in so long! I’m going to take the opportunity to get a trim and keep the ends as nice as possible before it all falls out!

Heartburn – SInce I’ve been taking love hearts I haven’t had a single bit of heartburn. It may be coincidence but I’m not going to take the risk and stop eating them!

Leg cramps – Still here, still only my left leg and still very annoying. Yet to try the Indian tonic water that my dad suggested or a banana before bed as my midwife said as by the time I remember I’m already in bed and two sets of stairs away from the supplies!




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