Last week I had my 20 week scan and although I blogged about the gender reveal and my emotional response to it, I didn’t give much of an update on Rabbit’s or my progress. So here we go …

Week 21 – The little mans progress:

Head circumference – 166.8mm. My little pea head is on the lower centile, maybe that means an easier push for muma?

Tummy circumference – 149.4mm. This is a well rounded little tum.

Leggy length – 29.4mm. My little shorty, well with a muma of 5ft 3 who could expect anything else?

Fetal weight – 302g/11ozs. My diddy little boy, I wonder if he’ll be tiny at birth?


As for muma:

I’ve finally been feeling the glow! My energy has really gone up and my skin is looking less like a pubescent teens and more like a yummy mummy to be should!



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