Wedding Bells – Hen Do ideas!

I cannot believe it’s less than two months until our big day! With all the wedding preparations in full swing I’ve not really mentioned my plans for my hen do which, come on, is a pretty exciting part!

My hen do planning was slightly pants to say the least; as someone who doesn’t want to make a fuss I took on the challenge of organising it in the beginning. I didn’t want to be a bridezilla and wanted my bridesmaids to just relax and enjoy the wedding without having lots of tasks to do, but in reality with a wedding to plan this probably wasn’t the best route to take.

After months of  ‘I’ll plan it soon’, ‘it’s next on my list’, I eventually passed the torch to my ladies to organise so I could stop stressing and focus on the big day itself.

It was quite a tough one as we changed our venue in Feb so the girls weren’t left with very long to plan and with one bridesmaid lives in Sweden, one with a brand new baby and the other with two kiddies and a partner working away – it wasn’t the easiest of tasks!

I also didn’t help by not being sure what I wanted;  it ended up Pete organising something for me, then my sister in law and eventually after a bit of drama and a few tears, the surprises were no longer surprises, there were breaks ups makes up and still nothing in concrete – who said weddings were drama free ay?

So anyway, to cut it short, I’m having 4 mini celebrations. One in London at the beginning of June with my Mum and all of my uni girls; I have no idea what’s planned but I’m so excited to see them all and celebrate with them.

I’m then doing a spa day with my Mum, Petes mum and my sister in law at Centre Parcs at the beginning of July which I cannot wait for, I love a spa day and any excuse to relax and be pampered!

I’ve then planned a meal at the end of June with as many of my girls that can come as possible. I know it’s quite late and not everyone will be able to come which is a shame but I just thought if I don’t try and book something now I’ll end up missing out on having a send off with all of my special ladies.

It’ll just be a meal in town followed by some cocktails in a bar, nothing big but something girly and alcohol fuelled!

The last one is a mini trip to Mallorca with one of my Bridesmaids Livy. We did hope there would be a few of us so we could call it a hen do but as it’s just the two of us we’re going to call it a muma vacay! I cannot wait for some sunshine, relaxation and paella! I go on Sunday so expect some silence from me but hopefully a sun kissed vlog when I get back!

So that’s it, no crazy casino strip club nights in Vegas but some wonderful mini celebrations with my favourite ladies!

How did you celebrate with your hens? Are you a strip club and inflatable willies or afternoon tea and a spa kind of girl?

Thanks for reading lovelies,






  • Harriet
    29th May 2015 at 10:51 am Reply

    How exciting! I went to Barcelona for my hen do last year and had a meal followed by a night out in Chester which is close to my hometown. I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures of yours! Xx

    • Jessica
      8th June 2015 at 6:26 am Reply

      Ahhh Barcelona how amazing! I bet that was wonderful 🙂

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