What I want from our next home

You may have seen on social media that we’re moving house once again. Yes, I know we only moved into our barn less than 6 months ago (on the premise of a 3 year contract) but we’ve made some big changes this year and one of those was Pete leaving his job to go back to contracting.

This means that there’s now nothing tieing us to Alton and as Pete’s going to be working away for different periods of time, we’ve agreed it would be more important for us to be closer to my family. This was so apparent to me last week while I was poorly and couldn’t just have my mum pop in to take care of me (yes I’m pampered, I was the youngest).

So we’re out of here on the 23rd March and moving in with my parents for a chance to not only save a little bit of money but also spend time finding the perfect house for us.

We’ve lived in two beautiful homes, a cottage by Hamble river and a barn surrounded by fields, but both houses have come with their downsides; so we’ve agreed that our next house needs to be perfect. Of course realistically nowhere is perfect, but I’ve compiled a few must-haves based on the downsides from both of our previous homes.


1) Parking

Whilst living in Hamble we had two permit parking spaces in the car park across the road. This was also used by the public, which meant that during the Summer months, at weekends, if we left the carpark – we weren’t getting back in! Our spaces weren’t allocated and if we had visitors they’d have to pull up outside, fill out a temporary permit and drive round the corner to park up. None of this was ideal while I was pregnant and looking after Rhys; let alone when Jaspy was born and I had to unload food shopping … and it was raining!


2) Storage

The cottage was quaint but alas there was no storage! The hoover, ironing board and shoes were always just out in rooms and it drove me to distraction! The master bedrooms walls were slanted meaning we coun’t fit a wardrobe in and had to use a small rail. The same goes for our bedroom in the barn, we have a built in wardrobe but it’s quite small so I’ve decided I’d like a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room (just kidding, a large wardrobe will do!).


3) Electric heating

Never ever go for a home with electric heating unless you live in a hot country and don’t need to use it! Heating the average size room is expensive enough but in a 25 by 60 foot living room with high beam ceilings … well the heat just disappears!

When we moved in all of the neighbours warned of the expense so we purchased some gas heaters but these are still pricey and not particularly safe with a baby.


4) Dishwasher and tumble dryer

In our barn we don’t have a dishwasher and even though in the cottage I rarely used ours, it was always nice to know that there was one there just in case. I wouldn’t use it all of the time but for dinner parties and lazy days – they’re a must!

We haven’t had a tumble dryer in either home and this is something I’m now sure that I want to get. Drying clothes takes so long here with such annoying heating and when Jaspy’s had a day of leaky nappies and sickness – I need something quick and easy!


5) Washing machine inside

Of course in both homes we’ve had a washing machine but in the cottage it was situated in a little wooden cupboard type thing in the garden along with the freezer. This was such a pain if it was raining and often meant I left the clothes out there for too long! We also didn’t have a light out there so I used to have to go out to the freezer in the dark using my phones torch to try and navigate – nightmare!


6) Close to home

At the moment I’m about 30 minutes without traffic from my family. I know people live a lot further but it’s that annoying distance where I’m not far enough away to say I’ve moved away but I’m not close enough to just pop in and see people. As I said before this became really apparent when I was feeling poorly last week.

Our next house (after living with my parents) I’d love to be closer to them and my home friends. Anywhere in and around Southampton would be great for me!


7) Same floor

In our cottage our bedroom was on the second floor and the boys bedrooms were on the first floor. This wasn’t too much of a problem as Rhys slept through the night pretty early on and Jaspy was in our room but we knew it wouldn’t have been convenient long term. I also dreaded those two flights of stairs while I was pregnant, especially doing the hoovering or tidying up.

In our barn we have a really odd layout. Mine and Petes bedroom is on the first floor, the boys room is on the ground floor and then there’s another staircase up to the first floor with a bedroom but the two upstairs rooms don’t connect. There’s no hallway or anything and they’re both in different points of the barns roofs so there not even next to eau other. We’ve ended up not using that room which is a big waste and as I’m too scared to go downstairs at night Jaspy is in our room still.

Our next home I’d love to have all of the bedrooms on the same floor. Not only would it be more convenient but I’d feel loads safer too!

8) Shared garden

In our barn we have communal gardens. There’s no risk of getting under each others toes as the main one is pretty much a field but it would be lovely to be able to leave our doors open, let Jaspy toddle in and out and maybe me be able to sunbathe without feeling exposed!

9) Close to anything

At the moment the only thing we can walk to is a rubbish pub hotel. There’s no local park, shops or anything apart from horses and sheep! It’ so beautiful but I really want to be closer to baby groups, shops and people!

In our cottage we were literally 5 doors down form the local Coop and a load of lovely restaurants and pubs; I think we’d like to be somewhere in the middle of the two situations; not too close but not a million miles away too!


Well those are the main things. Of course I’d like little thing like character features, good lighting, modern facilities and large rooms but these aren’t necessary! I’ll keep you guys up to date with our moving progress and will most probably do a moving vlog or blog post.


Is there anything I’ve missed? What would you say should be top in terms of home needs?


Thanks for reading guys! 



  • Jenna
    23rd February 2015 at 11:12 pm Reply

    Good luck with the house search, Jess. 🙂 I hope you find somewhere perfect for your little family.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    • Jessica
      24th February 2015 at 1:34 pm Reply

      Thank you wonderful lady 🙂

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