My Surprise Valentines Day

Ok I’ve never been big on valentines. Not because I was always one of those bitter singles but even when I was with someone I’ve always thought that valentines was just a big gimmick. It shouldn’t take one day of the year to appreciate your loved ones and bla bla bla you hear it all the time!

Anyway me and Pete agreed not to do gifts or celebrate it, I’m 32 weeks pregnant today (happy birthday Rabbit) so feeling far from sexy; we’re both so tired from Pete working and me brewing a bump so a night out wasn’t on the cards and to be honest Pete buys me flowers pretty much weekly anyway so I’ve never felt unappreciated!

So the plan was to do nothing, but of course things never go to plan. Here’s how my valentines went in the end, it actually turned out to be a little bit lovely! May have even turned me off from being a valentines Scrooge!

Thursday morning Pinterest took over. I’d seem this cute idea and as I had Rhys to myself all day I thought why not, Pete would love it as it was made by Rhys and he knows I love making things so wouldn’t feel bad about not getting me one back.

20140215-083425.jpg While Pete was on his way home he called to say let’s go for dinner – TGIF’s- no matter how tired I was, that couldn’t be turned down! He then said he wanted to get the cheesy valentines meal out of the way Thursday so he could cook for me on the day! Again, something I couldn’t turn down, Petes a great cook when he chooses to do it!

20140215-084237.jpg Valentines morning I popped Petes card in his briefcase so he could find it at work and when I sat down to do some blogging …..


20140215-084442.jpg I even had a knock at the door at lunch time ….


20140215-084630.jpg Sneaky Pete!

This made me blubber like a melon, luckily after the delivery guy had gone!

It’s lovely to get flowers anytime but I will admit there’s something special about getting them on valentines!

I did a little prep before Pete got home…
Candles ….

20140215-085022.jpg Cheesy chalkboard message …


I even went all out with red lips and a red maternity bra I’d been sent to review that day! (Post to follow, thankyou Bravado for your excellent timing and colour choice)


Then Pete came home, shut me out of the kitchen and took over!


20140215-085755.jpg and voila! Chicken stroganoff (not one for presentation)!

We ended the night watching The Hunger Games 2 and snuggling on the sofa, a lovely way to spend valentines without breaking the bank or being over the top! No expectations is the best way to go, I felt truly loved as always ☺️

How did you guys spend yours?

Thanks for reading xxx

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  • Victoria
    15th February 2014 at 4:01 pm Reply

    Sounds like a lovely Valentines day)

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