Tropic Ambassador Open House Event

I recently hosted my very first event as a Tropic ambassador – an open house evening. I’m moving house next week and as I’m downsizing quite considerably I thought it would be a good idea to make the most of my current space and get some of my ladies over for a Tropic girls night in.

I sent out some pamper party invites to my immediate neighbours, school mum friends, and other close friends and just added on the invites that it was an open house from 7-9pm with nibbles and drinks.

I wanted to keep it really simple as it was my first event and as it wasn’t an official pamper party I was using it as a bit of a practise run to prepare me for my first pamper next week. I’d definitely recommend doing this if you’re early on in your Tropic journey and feeling a bit nervous about your first event.


So let’s start with the food. I went for healthy vegetarian nibbles to stick with the natural and vegan theme. They were all easy to prepare, cost effective, not messy at all and catered to not only my guests but my two boys who were running around like wild ones amidst the Tropic chat!

Keeping it simple I had a veggie stick platter consisting of carrots, cucumber, celery and peppers and a fruit platter made with blueberries, raspberries, grapes and strawberries.

I then had crisps, breadsticks, hummus and some sweet corn fritters and vegetarian spring rolls for those fancying something cooked.

Drinks wise I had a little station set up with gin, wine and a selection of juices and lemonade for the drivers. I also put some raspberries, lemons and mint from the garden out for people to make their drinks a little fancy!


For the decor I wanted to keep it simple. I went to order a load of tropical print plates and table cloths etc but as my table and sideboard are a nice natural wood I decided to keep it simple letting the products really stand out.

I did use a tropical print tray to display the oils and serums that I had left over from Jasper’s 3rd birthday jungle party and then I got this package of palm leaves on next day delivery from Amazon for £11.99 to place the products on. It’s great because there’s more than enough for one open house/ pamper party/ fair stall and they’re great quality so I’ll be reusing them over and over!

I then got a mini chopping board which I planned to cut open a pomegranate on but they were out of stock in my local supermarket so I ended up placing the body pebble and tamanu balms on it.

I also purchased some bamboo bowls to hold the bamboo cloths and tester sticks (more on those later) which I then filled with hot and ice cold water for my facials.

The products I tried to display in groups to make it easier and less overwhelming for my guests to look at e.g. suncare, haircare, abc collection, serums and oils etc.

I put the makeup on a separate table with the LookBooks and brushes and then had a separate table for the catalogues, order forms and hostess info leaflets.

Other little touches were putting some tropical leaves on my front door, having the signature oil in my humidifier in the hallway and the signature candle in the living room plus the hand wash and hand lotion in the bathroom so that my guests could see how I implement Tropic into my home.

I also placed an example Borrow Basket on my windowsill and a gift bag with packaging so that I could explain to guests how the bubble wrap used is recyclable and the gift bags are dyed using vegetable dye.

As it wasn’t a pamper I didn’t plan any games it was more just for my guests to sample the products, ask any questions and have a bit of a girly natter; but I did end up doing facials for the three guests left at the end using various masks and oils so that they left feeling blissful and ready for bed. One of my friends that came was going on a night out afterwards so she used the Instant Glow lotion before heading out and loved it!

Top tips

Have to hand the following things to make it easier on the night:

Disposable wooden spatulas – For customers to dip in the products rather than their fingers! I got small ones for the makeup and pots like Eye Dream and large ones for things like the masks, Whipped Body Velvet and Body Smooth.

Bamboo clothes – firstly for your hostesses pamper but also so that if any guests do try a swatch of makeup on their hand or want to wipe anything off they can add a drop of cleanser to the area, rub it in and wipe it away with a bamboo cloth – this demonstrates how amazingly the cleanser removes makeup too!

Two bowls – I used these fab bamboo bowls to fill one with hand hot water and another with ice cold water for my hostesses facial. It’s also a great idea to have one with hand hot water by the products for removing products swatched (as mentioned above).

Hand towels – Have two nice clean, soft and fluffy hand towels available; one for your hostesses facial and another for the rest of the guests for drying their hands after removing swatches.

If you’re going to be demonstrating makeup then it’s a great idea to get cotton buds and disposable mascara wands to apply to guests for hygiene reasons.

Last but not least a beauty headband ready for your hostess to wear during her pamper!

Oh and of course leave some catalogues/ business cards and facial vouchers by the front door for your guests to take with them!

Since writing this I have actually completed my first Pamper party and have lots more ideas such as a raffle and games, so stay tuned for my blog post on that! You can also check out my Instagram @TropicByJessicaAvey and if you’re a customer looking to shop through me then please either follow this link to my web shop or simply select me as your ambassador at checkout.

If you have any requests for Tropic related posts please do comment below and feel free to add any tips you may have as well!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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