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When I was younger I loved the sun. I’d stay out and sunbathe till the sun went down, never tiring of doing, well, nothing. I’d go a wonderful golden brown, not care about the always freezing water of hotel pools and would literally feel like I was leaving my home when it was time to pack up and leave.

Since becoming a mum though; and especially since being pregnant; my take on holidays abroad, or anywhere for that matter, has slightly changed! Yes I’m still a typical Brit abroad, consuming more than humanly possible in all-inclusive food and binging on watered down cocktails (pre pregnancy); but there are so many things that have now changed.

it’s too hot‘, ‘the pool is too cold‘ and ‘I’m ready to go home to normality now‘ seem to be the most common phrases that come from my mouth whilst on holiday; and according to a recent survey conducted by Auto Europe – I’m not alone!

According to the results we complain an average of 8 times per holiday for being too hot; when we all know that the heat is what draws us to sunny destinations! Being pregnant I feel like I’m constantly melting even on cold days in the UK so being abroad is like one big excuse for me to complain and expect hubby to bring me cups of ice and fan me till I quit whining!

It also found that we spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on our mobiles and 1.6 on social media – being a blogger I’m so guilty of this but I remember the days when I would literally just lay there; enjoying the heat on my face; deep in thought about how much I’d love to live wherever I was holidaying. I wouldn’t care about what was going on at home, nor about sharing my holiday snaps with them. Now though it’s all about checking what everyone is up to and sharing #ootd’s and cute baby by the pool snaps!

Pre-kids I was terrible when it came to sun cream; I’d use low factor oil and wouldn’t care if I went red and peeled because I’d always go brown eventually. Now though I’m like the suncream police; with a mental alarm for myself and the kids to get out of the water and reapply. It’s not only because I’m terrified their skin will get damaged but also because I’ve got that mum thing where I panic something will happen to me and it’ll all be in vain.

I used to hate the shade; for me it was wasted time when I could be basking in the sun but now, especially being pregnant,  I need regular shade breaks, as do the kids; plus plenty of water – something I never needed with a cocktail in hand!

Staying up late and exploring is nowhere on my list anymore; I hate sand so beach trips I only go on begrudgingly for the families sake and I would rather early nights and lazy mornings that staying up making friends at the bar and then setting an alarm to set off for a day of sightseeing. Don’t get me wrong, if I went somewhere like New York or Tokyo I’d of course want to see the sights and explore the culture but dragging the stroller and changing bag around a Spanish islands with toddlers does not sound like my idea of fun.

I used to love a budget holiday, finding the cheapest flights and hotels available, just so that I could get the sun but now I’m with Pete, have children and am a bit more highly strung, we massively overspend. I don’t like to compromise location for amenities and so we end up spending enough to cover a family of 5 for a fortnight on a couples weekend break. According to the survey we spend an average of £1863 on holidays including flights, accommodation and spending and this is certainly the case with us. Our spending seems to be before though; we like to go all inclusive so most of our spending is on new holiday clothes and duty-free shopping!

Packing is now a military operation; before it was all about me – 10 evening outfit choices for a weeks holiday just in case but now I pack to the bare bones for me to make room for nappies, books, blankets and all the eventualities of a travel with kids.

Have your holiday habits changed with age or since becoming a parent?

If you want to check out the survey there’s a fab infographic with loads more facts; check it out to find out what percentage of travellers get intimate on holiday; how much they argue and how far the average person travels abroad.

Thanks for reading!
Jess x

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