A tough week for Jasper – hallucinations, tonsillitis and a UTI

It’s 8:45pm and I’ve just realised that I have nothing ready to post at 9pm for tonights blog post … at day five, or is it four? I’m already struggling to keep up with this daily blogging but surprisingly I’m also loving it! The motivation and passion to write is already coming back with a bang and I have a list of things to write about … so why so unprepared tonight I hear you say? Well I picked a bit of a silly week to start this mission; this week Jasper has been poorly and oh my has it been tough. DSC06736

It’s nothing major, he’ll be right as rain in a few days but him being poorly combined with him turning three has taken it’s toll on this muma!

Last weekend, the weekend of his birthday party Jasper woke in the night boiling hot to touch and hallucinating. I’d have to say it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen as a Mum and I never want to see it again.

He’d not been himself for about two weeks leading up to that point. He was whiney, not listening, overly emotional and would cry at the drop of a hat. He was irritable and not always too kind and as much as I told myself it was the ‘threenager’ stage hitting us right on cue; part of me just knew that something was up. He wasn’t himself and not in a ‘he’s going through a phase’ kind of way; something was wrong and I said a few times that I thought he was coming down with something.

Physically he was absolutely fine, no cough, cold, vomiting or dodgy stomach; and even on that night, amidst the hallucinations and boiling hot skin, he didn’t even have a temperature.

It started at about midnight on Friday night; I’d put him to bed, he was as happy as Larry and then all of a sudden he woke upset. Usually when he wakes in the night it’s because he wants to come into our bed and he’s very clear about that. I thought it was just the same kind of thing but we soon realised this was different. Jasper’s skin was boiling hot to touch, hotter than I’ve ever felt it. We couldn’t believe that the highest his temperature went all night was 38 degrees celsius because honestly my hand sweated just holding him.

What scared us most was the hallucinations though; it was nothing scary movie-esque or anything like that; it wasn’t scary in a creepy way it just scared me to be so helpless.

Jasper was saying there were bees getting him; spiders on him and was telling the ants to ‘go away’. He wasn’t just saying it though, he was crying it. ‘Go away ants, go away; Mummy the ants are getting me’. He was flinching and brushing off these ants like they were there and the upset in his voice was just heartbreaking. At one point I questioned how upset it was making me but seeing Pete look just as heartbroken made me realise just how scary it was.

He cried that the people were getting him, the girls and boys were chasing him. There were skeletons and ghosts in the room and although this sounds like he was having a nightmare we knew that it wasn’t.

He was looking right at me at one point with such fear and then hiding under the covers crying; he’d peek his head out again to look for me but whenever he locked eyes with me he’d cry that he saw a ghost. I couldn’t have felt more awful t that point knowing that my bay thought I was a ghost and that I couldn’t comfort him without terrifying him.

This went on till about 2am when we called 111 who decided that we needed medical attention within two hours. We awaited a call for an out of hours appointment and after two hours of broken sleep we got a call to say that they were so busy they would call after another two hours. Finally at 6am they called and gave us an appointment for 9am and I felt just awful waking Jasper who had probably had only a couple of hours sleep to go to the hospital.

It was such an awful night; if we weren’t trying to calm him down we were trying to cool him down and when he finally slept I was up googling hallucinations and wondering if my three year old had schizophrenia. That sounds awful to say; I feel awful that I even considered it but it was such a worry at the time.

When we went to the hospital the doctor checked him over and apart from his ears being slightly red, tonsils being slightly enlarged and him having a temperature of 38C and slightly fast heartbeat there was nothing the doctor could find. His urine came back with slight traces of protein and ketones which meant that he was slightly dehydrated and could possibly have a urine infection coming but with nothing really standing out he simply instructed us to give him neurone if his temperature rose and to take him straight to A&E if he hallucinated again.

Well luckily neither of those things have happened since but for the next four days Jasper still wasn’t himself. He was going from ‘happy Jasper’ for bursts of no longer than 30 minutes at a time to just not being himself for the rest of the time. His body heat would sky rocket and slowly he started to complain of headaches, backaches, pain in his private area when peeing but also at random points of the day. He pretty much stopped eating, was really thirsty and his mouth got so dry that it became sore and flakey.

I booked him a same day appointment at the doctors on Wednesday and after explaining his symptoms he was prescribed antibiotics for a urine infection (UTI). We also gave a urine sample but haven’t yet had the results back for this. What upset me after we left the appointment (I didn’t think about it at the time as I was trying to contend with a hungry baby and grizzly toddler) was that the doctor never checked him over. She didn’t take his temperature, look at his throat, ears or even check his heart rate. After another night of him complaining of pains in his private parts I decided to go back the next day for a second opinion. This doctor checked him over and straight away told me that his tonsils were massive and that the poor little poppet had tonsillitis as well as a UTI. She didn’t comment on the previous doctor not checking him over but she pulled a face that gave me hope that something may be said. I’d never want anyone to get in trouble but if I’d left it and trusted the first doctors judgement Jaspers tonsillitis would still be going untreated; the antibiotics she had given were specifically for UTI’s so wouldn’t have helped his tonsils at all. The second doctor changed him over to new antibiotics that work for both tonsilitis and UTI’s so fingers crossed these kick in soon.

I will say that usually antibiotics work really quickly for Jasper but after starting these on Thursday (it now being Saturday) he’s no better whatsoever. In fact he now has a stinking cold, cough and is complaining of a sore throat which he wasn’t before. His private area pains have practically gone which makes me wonder if he even had a UTI but he’s still not himself, not eating and hardly drinking.

To be honest I think he’s a bit run down. He also has a bit of athletes foot and his gums hurt when I brush his teeth so I think he’s just in need of a good boost to his immune system.

Right now he’s having antibiotics three times a day for five days; one type of cream on his private parts three times a day for seven days and another cream on his foot twice a day for seven days. Aside from that I’m trying to keep him hydrated and giving him his vitamins and as much fruit as possible although I’m just happy for him to eat anything so his diet of Barney Bears today has been better than nothing!

It’s rotten seeing your little ones ill as I’m sure most of you know. I just wish I could make him better and see him as happy Jasper as watching him falling asleep on the sofa and not wanting to play really does break my heart. I know that it could be so much worse though; he’s a happy and healthy boy and will be back to his usual self in no time I hope and I’m so grateful that this is the worst he’s ever been.

DSC06815 DSC06825If any of you have any tips on boosting your little ones immune systems then please do let me know; I guess I’m feeling a little bit of guilt too that I’ve let him get to this point. Kids get sick yes but could I have given him more fruit and veg, pushed him tor best a bit more, made him drink more water?

Please send healthy vibes our way!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x


  • Dianne
    29th April 2017 at 11:56 pm Reply

    You poor little thing Jasper. Get well soon ☺ x

  • Rachelle
    3rd May 2017 at 10:20 am Reply

    maybe try him on a kids probiotic and superfoods for kids powder, I think they make a choc one. Hope hes better soon x

    • Jessica
      3rd May 2017 at 6:59 pm Reply

      That’s a great idea, I’ll have a look on Amazon now! Thank you 🙂

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