Berryman – TOTS100/ Plum Baby Mighty Moments Challenge

I love eating healthily. I won’t lie and say that I don’t enjoy the odd (large) amount of chocolate or occasional McDonalds but I really do love how fresh I feel after eating a healthy salad or piece of fruit.

I want nothing more than for my family to be healthy and as I can’t really control what Pete eats, I can at least make sure that the boys get their daily fixes of the good stuff!

As part of the TOTS100/ Plum Baby Mighty Moments Challenge we have created a healthy superhero! Our hero is Berryman!

With a strawberry body and blueberry eyes he’s full to the brim with ¬†nutrients – he is a powerfood of course!

photo 5-38

Berryman uses his blueberry hands and feet to zoom up into the Plum Baby mango, carrot and greek style yoghurt clouds where he can spread the word of fruity goodness to families all over the world!

He can even juggle blueberries, he’s up to 4 at a time at the moment but after consuming lots more berries he’ll be able to juggle a whole punnet full!

photo 4-54

This is our entry to the TOTS100 Plum Baby Mighty Moments Challenge ‚Ķ why don’t you join in too!?


Thanks for reading xx

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