Top Toddler Toys

As Jasper is now officially a toddler I thought I’d share with you the kinds of toys that he’s loving at the moment. Channel Mum asked us to film our playtime survival kit so I thought it would be a great opportunity to share the kinds of toys that are not only fun for Japser but stimulating for his current developmental stage.

At present¬†Jasper is 16 months old but some of these toys he’s been using for a few months and others his older brother Rhys (28 months) likes to pay with; so they’re not restricted¬†to his age group.

I’ll link up the video for you guys to watch so I’m not repeating myself but if you want to know where anything is from, or anything about the toys then please do comment below and I’ll let you know.

What toys does your toddler love at the moment? I’d love some suggestions as I’m sure he’ll be onto he next things soon and I’ll be in need of inspiration!


Thanks for reading guys!


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