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You may have read in my pregnancy and post pregnancy updates that I was really fortunate enough to not have any stretch marks on my tummy after I had Jaspy.

I did however get them on my inner and outer thighs (I know there’s probably a proper name for outer thighs. They weren’t bad, they were really faint but because they were my only marks I was left with after pregnancy, I notice them. It’s like when you have one spot, you notice it so much because it’s the only one on your face!

Anyway; I was really fortunate to get to try lots of different stretch mark creams and lotions so I thought I’d rustle up a quick review of what I’ve tried so far!

Bepanthem I’m already a firm lover of Bepanthem nappy cream so this is a brand I already trusted. The cream rubs in really smoothly and doesn’t leave any kind of oily/ stickiness. My only issue is that as I associate it with nappy cream I see it as more of a medical cream and don’t like to use it as part of my daily routine. I do need to give it more of a chance as it smells nice and feels lovely; I just need to get it out of my head – maybe I’ll pop it into an empty body butter tub!

Palmers I’ve used Palmers for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been obsessed with the coco butter scent and when I won a blog competition I was a tad buzzing to receive a load of pregnancy related goodies. I won a variety of products including stretch mark cream, lotion, oil and butter which to be honest I think all gives the same result; however I prefer the after feel of the lotion and cream to the oil. I tend to put this on after baths and alternate between the products to get some variety.

Bio oil I was given quite a lot of this during my pregnancy and I used it for pretty much the whole 9 months. I really didn’t like the oily feel and hated it if I forgot to take my rings off my fingers and they ended up all oily too. I only used it on my belly and I didn’t get any stretch marks there, however I can’t really say whether or not it worked as I might not have gotten any stretch marks there anyway.

Burts bees Now this one smells delicious. It’s called Mama Bees Belly Butter which is such a cute name it’s enough reason to buy it alone! I only bought it recently as I’ve used their lip balm and moisturiser and fell in love with them. It’s part of my bath time routine (when I get time to put it on). I haven’t noticed a difference in my stretch marks yet but it leaves my skin feeling rather soft.

Jojoba oil I love to use pure and organic products. Jojoba oil is as pure and natural as it gets and I’ve used this for years on my body, hair, hands, and face. It is oily (stating the obvious) but it

Shea Mooti. I got this as part of my Nonabox and love the lavender scent. It’s made for new mumas but as I had two tubs I gave one to my mother in law and sister in law and they love using it too! It feels really hard to touch but when you rub it on you it kind of melts and rubs in nice and smoothly. I do think it leaves a slight greasy feel but if you rub it in enough that goes. Stretchmark wise I haven’t used it enough to notice any difference but it does smell fab!

So there you have it; a quick glimpse into the stretch mark products I’ve tried. None of them have been miracle workers; I still have them faintly on my thighs. The products may have done nothing or they may be the reason my stretch marks are so faint … I’d love to hear what you thought of them!

Thanks for reading xx

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