Yesterday I received a lovely little package through the post from The London Perfume Company as a thank you for giving them a review of their Lovers Corner Valentines Day Deal.

I was more than happy to do it as I genuinely thought it was fab that you got a free gift with any Lovers Corner purchase, so getting my little package through the door was a really fab plus!

Here’s what I got …


As you can see it’s the Giorgio Beverly Hills Teddy bear (something I’m going to save for Rabbit as his first PR gift! We’ll if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be blogging and I wouldn’t have the chance to get involved in these kind of opportunities!)

The Solid Love Heart Perfume which comes in a gorgeous gem encrusted case with a compact mirror!


20140208-091240.jpg ooh and look how it sparkles!

20140208-091336.jpg It smells lush and leaves a lovely shimmer on you which is always great!

Of course I scoffed the loveheart sweeties in record timing, well they’re good for heartburn … And my sweet tooth!

The cute valentines label will be used for whatever gift I decide to make Pete, time is ticking so I should really get thinking!

Anyway I just thought I’d share. It’s always lovely to be recognised for what you do and the package even came with a lovely letter from The London Perfume Company thanking me and complimenting my blog, put a smile on this bloggers face for sure!