When Jasper was first born and I was busy writing all of his weekly and then monthly updates I never imagined how life would be with a three year old. Of course I knew he would eventually be three but it was so hard to imagine him as anything but
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    This is a concept I’d never heard of before. When my friend asked me if during this pregnancy I’d made my feeding box yet I assumed it was either a box full of nursing pads and nipple creams or a box of pre-prepared meals for the early manic days; maybe
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  • We’re back!
    You may have noticed that over on my Youtube channel Id taken a bit of a break from the weekly vlogging. I swear it had been about 2 months but looking back over my uploads it was only about 6 weeks – still pretty long when you’re used to daily
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  • The Toddler Room Fear
    Jasper turned 19 months yesterday and apart from the terrifying realisation that he’s actually closer to being two than one now, that also means a huge step for him at nursery. I knew when he joined that at around 18 months he’d move on up to the toddler room; a natural
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  • Toddler Winter Skincare Tips*
    With a son that suffers terribly on and off with eczema I’ve really noticed the effect that this drop in temperature has had on his skin. Jasper goes through highs and lows with his skin; the majority of the time we keep it under control, smooth and clear. It’s never
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  • Rhys and Jasper’s Room Tour
    Ever since joining Channel Mum back in March I’ve had ‘nursery room tour’ on my ‘to-vlog’ list; but I’d been putting it off. Back then we were living in the barn and the boys room was a work in progress, we had so many plans for it that I didn’t
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  • Like mother like son
    I knew I recognised Jasper from somewhere … dubious clothing choices, up all night, easily disoriented … it was me, student me, at university. I found this hilarious infographic on My Voucher Codes (ever the bargain hunter) and I just thought it was too brilliant not to share! I’m sure
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