Well here I am at 39 weeks pregnant. I honestly didn’t think I’d still be pregnant at this point. It’s not wishful thinking at all, you all know how much I love brewing this bump and how I’m hoping little man will stay in for a little longer so that
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  • 37 weeks pregnant
    37 weeks pregnant – I’m now two weeks and six days away from my due date and oh my is that scary! Three weeks didn’t sound as scary but two weeks, well that’s just set me off into a mini (major) panic! There is still a lot to do, Pete
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  • 35 weeks pregnant
    Eek 35 weeks pregnant, he really could be here any day now and the more I speak to people the more I’m hearing ‘ooh my baby was born at 35 weeks’ and it’s making me so so nervous! We’ve made lots of progress in terms of buying bits for the
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    At 33 weeks pregnant I’m feeling a little fed up if I’m honest. Don’t get me wrong I still want to be pregnant forever; I don’t want this baby boy to come out any time soon and I’d put up with how I’m feeling for twice as long if it
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  • 30 weeks pregnant
    Okay, I’m in the 30’s! I’m now officially on the single digit week countdown (unless he’s late of course!). At this stage we don’t have anything big planned, no holidays or weddings – it’s all about making the most of our life as a family of 4 and getting prepped for
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    Oh my, I am officially in my 3rd trimester at 28 weeks pregnant! Shiz just got real! I can’t believe the countdown is on, I mean it’s always been on but I feel like it was a build up before and now it’s really counting down the days/weeks. The biggest
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  • 27 weeks pregnant
    I’m 27 weeks pregnant today and oh my this week has flown by! According to my app this is my last week in my 2nd trimester and then I’ll officially be on the last leg of pregnancy, my 3rd trimester! I think (hope) being in my 3rd trimester will give
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  • 21 pain relief tips for SPD
    I’ve been suffering from SPD since around week 19 of my pregnancy. It started off pretty mild but every week when giving my weekly updates I’ve found myself talking about how much worse it has gotten. Unfortunately with SPD there isn’t any ‘one size fits all’ cure; in fact it’s more about
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  • 25 weeks pregnant
    I’m 25 weeks pregnant and it’s officially going slowly again. Although I do only have 15 weeks to go which doesn’t sound like a lot … maybe it is going quickly! I’m starting to realise how completely unprepared I am. Yes I have all of the boys old clothes organised into age
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