• Maternity Photoshoot
    I cannot tell you how excited I’ve been to share these pictures with you guys. I know it’s a little late; it took me ages to choose my favourites and then baby came along and well you know what little time thieves they are! Chelsea White is the most wonderfully
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  • Pregnancy Spa Day
    You guys know that this pregnancy has been a little bit tougher on me physically than the last was. With SPD and sciatica I’m in a lot of pain daily and topped with the energy drained from an active toddler, emotions from daily goings on and my mind going overtime
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    Well here I am at 39 weeks pregnant. I honestly didn’t think I’d still be pregnant at this point. It’s not wishful thinking at all, you all know how much I love brewing this bump and how I’m hoping little man will stay in for a little longer so that
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  • 38 weeks pregnant
    Oh my goodness, 38 weeks pregnant. I’ve seen so many poeple on social media recently who are having their babies around this stage and it’s making me wonder if baby boy will let me make it to 39? Every day, weekend, bedtime routine, shopping trip I wonder if it’ll be
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  • Pregnancy favourites
    At 37 weeks pregnant I’m pretty much at the end of my pregnancy journey and along the way I’ve picked up some wonderful bits and pieces that have soon become my pregnancy favourites. Some were obvious to me when thinking of what to include and others I hadn’t even realised
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  • 37 weeks pregnant
    37 weeks pregnant – I’m now two weeks and six days away from my due date and oh my is that scary! Three weeks didn’t sound as scary but two weeks, well that’s just set me off into a mini (major) panic! There is still a lot to do, Pete
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    Wowza, 36 weeks pregnant – it’s zooming by so much faster now which I didn’t think was even possible! I think it’s because I have so much to do and I’m worried I won’t get to finish my bucket list before little man arrives – not the end of the
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  • 35 weeks pregnant
    Eek 35 weeks pregnant, he really could be here any day now and the more I speak to people the more I’m hearing ‘ooh my baby was born at 35 weeks’ and it’s making me so so nervous! We’ve made lots of progress in terms of buying bits for the
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  • 34 weeks pregnant
    Eek, 34 weeks pregnant, baby boy could literally be here any day and oh my does that make me panic. Not only are we no where near prepared but my bucket list is only half ticked off. Of course if he came now we would be okay, I have nappies
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