• Jasper’s started pre school
    I’ve just been having a little scroll through my blog and I had the sudden guilty realisation that almost every blog post recently has been centred around Jenson. I guess that’s what happens when you have a new baby; their updates are much more frequent, their stages much closer between and
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  • Newborn Nursery Decor Ideas
    I’ve not really posted about this new bambino much have I? I don’t know why; I guess it’s because when you already have a little one to look after, on top of life’s many distractions, it’s just not your major focus. Of course I’m so so excited; I can’t wait
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  • The Toddler Room Fear
    Jasper turned 19 months yesterday and apart from the terrifying realisation that he’s actually closer to being two than one now, that also means a huge step for him at nursery. I knew when he joined that at around 18 months he’d move on up to the toddler room; a natural
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  • Rhys and Jasper’s Room Tour
    Ever since joining Channel Mum back in March I’ve had ‘nursery room tour’ on my ‘to-vlog’ list; but I’d been putting it off. Back then we were living in the barn and the boys room was a work in progress, we had so many plans for it that I didn’t
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  • Jaspy loves nursery
    Hi lovelies, I thought I’d do a quick update on how Jaspy is doing at nursery as he’s been going for almost two months now. In case you haven’t read my first post, Jaspy goes two mornings a week, Tuesday and Thursday from 8-1. I’d say the first 3 drop-offs
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  • Jaspy’s first creche day
    Today should have been an emotional day for me. The first day that Jaspy went into a creche, being looked after by people that I’ve never met, was suppose to fill me with anxiety. I was suppose to book, cancel, book cancel and reluctantly book again. I was suppose to
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