• 37 weeks pregnant
    37 weeks pregnant – I’m now two weeks and six days away from my due date and oh my is that scary! Three weeks didn’t sound as scary but two weeks, well that’s just set me off into a mini (major) panic! There is still a lot to do, Pete
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  • Wedding Bells – Our honeymoon plans
    Now that the wedding is over, the big question on everyones lips is ‘where are you going on your honeymoon?’. We did go away to the Four Seasons in Hampshire the night after our wedding for a relaxing spa break, but that’s more of a mini-moon right? Initially we planned to go
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  • Wedding Bells – Your presence is enough
    Planning our wedding has been relatively straight forward; yes there have been stressful highs and lows but our vision has been pretty simple and for the most part, Pete and I have wanted the same things. Probably the only thing that we’ve found tricky to decide on has been what
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  • Honeymoon ideas
    As you may or may not know me and Pete are set to tie the knot in July 2015. It’s been so exciting looking into venues and spending hours scrolling through Pinterest at the most beautiful dresses I’ll probably never afford and at all of the cute DIY ideas to
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