• Homemade Christmas Wrapping Paper
    As you all know I’m quite the lover of DIY despite being a tad absent from any kind of crafts of late. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a fair-weather DIY-er but what better excuse to jump back on the wagon than good old Crimbo!
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  • A homemade birthday package
    In staying true to my 2014 goal of making every gift I give (almost), here’s my latest bit of DIY for my sister Heidi’s birthday. You can find the tutorials for each item linked on this post but here’s just a little breakdown of what I made for her:
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  • DIY baby foot impressions
    For fathers day this year I wanted to give Pete an impression of Rhys and Jasper’s feet together. I thought it would look really cute having Jaspers little footprint next to his big brothers in a frame, so I set to looking for a DIY kit.
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  • DIY rosemary soap
    Hey guys, so a couple of weeks ago I showed you a really quick and easy way to make DIY cupcake soaps with rose petals; and with my mums birthday coming up it’s now her turn to be subjected to my latest creation! mwahaha
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  • DIY handmade Soap
    This year I want to be all about making presents for people. It’s not because I don’t want to spend the money, in fact sometimes homemade can end up more expensive than shop bought. It’s just that I LOVE receiving a gift that someone has put time and effort into
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