• Toddler gift guide
    Hello lovelies, I’m back with another gift guide for you today and this time it’s for the mini ones! Last year we really limited the number of gifts we bought for the boys, knowing they didn’t need much but this year someone *Pete* went a little bit crazy and bought
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  • Festive Home Decor*
    Since I’ve been with Pete I’ve adopted his families tradition of putting up the Christmas decorations on his birthday – 12th Dec. We may have to do it a little later this year as we’re moving house that weekend (yep, moving again, don’t ask) but I’m so so desperate to
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  • Wedding Bells – Brides Gifts
    Even though I’d always planned to get Pete a wedding day gift I never expected one from him. He put so much financially into the wedding and as I couldn’t contribute to that (except for my endless planning and stressing) I really wanted to get him something just to show
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  • Wedding Bells – Grooms Gifts
    When I first thought about getting Pete a gift for our wedding I had a watch in mind; a designer watch with something engraved on it like ‘meet me at the alter’ or ‘ don’t be late’. Unfortunately I didn’t start to save up in time and when it came
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  • ~ Yummy mummy survival kit~
    Last week me and my good friend Samara caught up and she gave me this (very belated) Christmas present. What with her busy working schedule and my baby brain that was the first time we got a chance to catch up since the holidays and we really shouldn’t leave it
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  • Homemade gift package #2
    I’ve been really lazy with this post and I don’t know why! I think it’s just been one of those unmotivated blogging weeks mixed with a bit of baby brain …. ok a lot of baby brain – regardless … shame on me!
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  • Simple DIY candles
    This is a very long overdue post but for my mums birthday I made her homemade gift package. I’ve already posted about the DIY rosemary soap that I made for her, and here is another little treat that I added in.
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  • DIY rosemary soap
    Hey guys, so a couple of weeks ago I showed you a really quick and easy way to make DIY cupcake soaps with rose petals; and with my mums birthday coming up it’s now her turn to be subjected to my latest creation! mwahaha
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  • Homemade birthday package
    As part of my ‘2014 to-do’s’ I wanted to get crafty and DIY as much as possible! I’m lucky enough to not be working now and have lots of time on my hands to get crafty in between being preggo and preparing for Rabbits arrival!
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