Switching to natural, what’s next?

A little while ago I shared with you my plans for a non-toxic, all natural lifestyle. I initially made the switch over with cleaning products which so far has been amazing so I thought I’d let you in on how that’s going and also delve into what I plan to switch over next and why I’m so passionate about doing this.

In my previous post and video I mentioned that aside from the environmental benefits of an all natural lifestyle, I was really keen to see the decrease in toxic based products have a positive effect on my family’s health. Jasper and Jenson both have sensitive skin, Jasper more so who at one point had severe eczema and dermatitis and was undergoing dermatology assessments. I suffered from asthma as a child and often feel out of breathe (nothing at all to do with my lack of exercise haha) and I was just generally very aware of the toxic chemicals that I was spraying onto my floor and surfaces and how my children were coming into direct contact with them.

I did a little bit of research which came back with some pretty horrible words such as cancer but in general the consensus was that a non-toxic, all natural lifestyle was beneficial beyond words for everyone and everything. Since making the switch over I also read that the average person comes into contact with at least 500 different chemicals per day – how insane is that!? Not that I needed any confirmation but this really lit a fire under me to carry on switching products over and to cut out all that I can. It got me researching a bit more and I was so naive to think that simply switching over cleaning products and beauty products (which isn’t the simplest of tasks at all) would do the job. There are chemicals in so much more than I thought including plastic bottles and even our saucepans!

So it’s going to be more of a job then I thought but it’s made me so much more aware and enthusiastic to get on and do it. I know that going to public places, friends houses, pre school etc means that we can never be entirely rid of toxic chemicals but at least cutting them out of my home gives me so much peace of mind that I’m doing all that I can for me and my boys.

Well I initially decided to switch over category by category, mastering one before starting another so as not to get overwhelmed but it’s actually been a lot easier than I thought so even though there’s still a little way to go in the cleaning department in the form of DIY’s I’d like to do, I’ve already begun switching over in the beauty department and I’ve found some real gems which I’ll share with you in due course!

In terms of cleaning products I’m using all of the items that I mentioned in my cleaning product switchover post and I’m really enjoying most of them! The Method products have not disappointed and I get so many compliments when I use the anti-bac spray around guests – the smell is just incredible!

I’ve gotten fantastic results from the toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner and the washing up liquid and oh my goodness the laundry liquid – let’s talk about the laundry liquid! It smells incredible, rids our clothes of stains and what’s more I haven’t needed to use fabric conditioner so that’s a whole product cut out of my laundry routine!

The only products I’m not too impressed with so far are the eCover dishwasher tablets and rinse aid. The cutlery and crockery is cleaned fantastically but the glasses come out so cloudy and dirty-looking that I end up having to hand wash them when I get them out. I don’t think Method do dishwasher products so I’m looking into some DIY’s and if anyone knows of any please do leave them in the comments below. I have tried adding lemon oil with the rinse aid which helped a little but not a great deal.

Since writing my previous post I’ve also found a couple of the products that I’d been searching for – a lovely Method hand wash and some amazing Neom room sprays which I’m so far really enjoying!

So what’s next? Well I’ve already made a start on my skincare and haircare routine and I think Ive found a pretty perfect mixture of products. I’m going to go into this in my next post but basically Bamford and Dr Bronner have stolen my heart (and my bank account). I’m then going to look into make up so if anyone can recommend a lovely all natural make up brand then please do holla at me! I’ve seen a few online but I don’t recognise any of the names and I’m someone that likes to go by recommendation.

I’m slowly bringing a lot of essential oils into my home which again I’ll talk about in another post and I’m really keen to try lots of DIY’s in beauty and cleaning so stay tuned for that!

I then have big and scary plans to switch out plastics, aiming for a zero waste home but that is such a minefield to me and something that I think will take a bit of time and a lot of research. I also want to go organic when it comes to the food that we have but again that’s a big step and I know how much my boys love certain snacks that would cause monumental meltdowns if we were to get rid of them. I plan to fill our home (in a minimalistic way) with amazing alternatives so that the boys don’t miss anything rather than taking away the things that they love therefore causing all hell to break loose.

I’m so passionate about this journey and a major factor in it for me is that it doesn’t disrupt my family it simply benefits them. I really hope that as time goes on I see my boys skin get better, our diets improve and just generally that our health and happiness flourishes.

If you have any experience of any of this at all then please do comment below; spam me with links to blogs and vlogs I need to see and give me your insight, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x 



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