Switching to a chemical free home – cleaning products

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the chemicals that we use in our home and the effect they’re having on us as a family. Jasper has suffered badly in the past from eczema and dermatitis and Jenson has flare ups of eczema too. Pete also has quite sensitive skin and I had asthma when I was younger and I know that things like these can really flare up with exposure to chemicals. Now when I say chemicals I don’t mean scientific test tubes of acid-like substances but everyday household cleaning products like bleach and anti-bac, which let’s be honest, isn’t really that different is it?

I was always a huge fan of anti-bac, spraying my Dettol waterfall spray all over everything and feeling so satisfied that my home was rid of 99.9% of it’s bacteria but then I started to realise that it was instead being replaced by chemical particles and fumes. Jenson crawls on the 99.9% bacteria free floor but he’s also rubbing his hands, knees and often face on the really harsh residue that is left behind from said products and that just really didn’t sit right with me.

So, I decided to swap out any products I had that were chemical based, for natural alternatives. I do plan to do this for everything in my home including beauty products such as make up, hair care and skin care but for now I’m working with cleaning ones as I’m aware that it’s quite a daunting task otherwise.

I’d already made a start by using ecologically friendly laundry liquid and fabric softener for Jasper’s skin and also natural antibacterial cleaner for Jenson’s highchair so I went with that and researched the brands that I either knew of or had been recommended.

Aside from DIY cleaners which I do want to get into and will share some content on soon, the majority of products that came up above the rest were either by Method or eCover (who we used for our laundry products). I found natural alternatives to almost every household product we have and when I replaced them I not only felt amazing to be rid of chemicals but also felt so much lighter at the decluttered spaces. Before I had say five anti-bac cleaners which I didn’t need but I knew I’d use eventually so I kept them; now though I know I’ll never use them again so I’ve given those away and replaced them with just one natural based one. So I didn’t realise but aside from doing wonders for my family health wise it’s also contributing to our minimalism journey.

I’ve filmed a video which goes into more detail on why I chose to do this and which products I got so please do check that out below, and of course do comment below and let me know if you’re doing something similar! I’d love to know if you have any product recommendations or DIY’s for me to try 🙂


Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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  • Fleur
    13th May 2017 at 4:59 am Reply

    We recently went through a similar process in our house, have a look at Himalayan salt lamps I switched my boys bedside lamps for these – you can get them in health food stores or online. Apparently they purify the air of electromagnetic frequencies from appliances in the house, I have no idea if it works but it’s meant to counteract those frequencies which can contribute to brain cancer. My husband hates the look of them and thinks it’s hippy nonsense but I said even if it is, it’s at least worth having them there just in case! And they let off such a warm glow as their night lights.

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