Happy Friday folks, I’m back with some more #snackspiration for you in association with Cow and Gate and Super Yummies! If you’ve been following me over on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter then you’ll know that we’ve been trying out some delicious Super Yummies snacks throughout our week and let me tell you they’ve gone down a treat!

On Monday I shared the dairy pots that have to be my new favourite in the yoghurt department as they amazingly don’t need to be refrigerated! I don’t know how the magic works but it has made them a lifesaver for when we travel, which we do quite often, and even for days out just to chuck in the changing bag. We recently spent the day over at my parents house and as typical grandparents do, they have a snack cupboard full of chocolates and naughty treats. So in a bid to not let the boys go into hyper overload, I always try to bring some healthy snacks with me. Jasper took great pride in showing Grandad that the yoghurt came from my bag instead of the fridge and of course, didn’t share a spoonful!DSC09918

We’ve also been trying some scrummy oat breadsticks which are perfect for little hands to grip. They come in two different flavours, Tomato and Herb and Pumpkin and Rosemary and they are really yummy! What’s also fab about them is that they come in a resealable pack so if Jasper’s especially hungry I bring the whole bag without worrying about them going soggy, flies getting to them or handfuls of sand/dirt going into the bag along with his hands! They’re also small enough to fit into my little reusable snack pots so if we’re only going out for a short while I can pop a few of them in there and they’ll stay fresh! 

DSC09670 DSC09507

I also love that they are mess-free so they make the perfect sofa den snack and are fab for long car journeys and even plane journeys. In fact I featured both of these in my travel essentials video as the yoghurts are still fresh and delicious without refrigeration and the breadsticks make zero mess and are easy to eat for little ones. 

What are your go-to snacks for your little ones? Do you look for mess-free, and convenient ones or simply whatever your little ones loves with the mess being dealt with later?

Thanks for reading!

Jess x