Boys Summer Fashion Picks

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the fashion side of life but with Summer on it’s way and a few holidays booked in I really want to start sharing with you some favourite stores and styles as well as and a few wish lists for me and the boys. I also get asked a lot what stores I shop at so I thought this would be a great chance to answer that.

I pretty much only shop online as I just don’t have the time to go into town and because of this I prefer to buy most of what I want from one store at a time, purely to save on postage. I hate doing a holiday wardrobe shop from 4-5 stores and then have different P&P fees to pay, different delivery times and different returns policies; so I love stores that sell everything I’m looking for at the time.

Right now I’m planning the boys holiday wardrobes and I’ve found so many cute pieces on Esprit so I thought I’d share my top picks! Here are 4 items I’ll be picking up for Rhys and Jasper my ‘too cool for school’ toddlers:espirit2

1. Swim Shorts with a Surfboard Print – I am all about pops of colour and where Jasper and Rhys are concerned, the brighter the better so these swim shorts are perfect. I think they’ve got a bit of a retro vibe and would look super cute with pretty much any coloured t-shirt but especially a plain white one. Jasper loves repeat patterns and is such a cool dude so I know he’ll love a skateboard print!

2. Logo T-Shirt – I know I’m being daring putting toddlers in white t-shirts but I love how they looks in white. It makes them look all cute and innocent (until they covers them in ice cream that is!). I love geometric shapes and simple designs and the Esprit logo is just that – simple and geometric!

3. Striped T-Shirt – I am a sucker for stripes, I really got into them during pregnancy the first time around and I just never got out of them. They’re so flattering and stylish and great for all year round and now I dress my kids in them too. I think any little one looks gorgeous in stripes and the boys always have at least one striped top whatever the season. These ones are 100% cotton so fab for the warmer weather!

4. Striped Sunglasses – I love that both my older boys love wearing sunglasses; firstly because they look so cute and cool in them but secondly because I am neurotic about them damaging their eyes. You see so many little ones on holiday squinting at the sun and I would juSt rather my boys wear sunglasses to give them as much protection as possible. Speaking as a woman whose eyesight is pretty terrible I really want them to preserve that 2020!


Here are some t-shirts I just love for Jenson – my mini monster:espirit3

1.  Logo T-Shirt – Again I love the simple geometric logo of this tee and with Jenson’s huge brown eyes he really suits bold colours like blue! I know I’m crazy to put a toddler in a white t-shirt but I’d be even crazier to put a baby in one so we’ll steer clear of that and go for something coloured!

2. Print T-Shirt – Jenson is my mini monster so this tee sums him up perfectly; I can just see him in it with some little board shorts and a sunhat! I also love that this has the buttons on the side to not only make it easier to pull up over his head but also to be able to pull down incase he gets anything on it that I don’t want brushing past his head!

3. Monster Artwork T-Shirt – Another mini monster tee. This one is super cute and again would look cute with some funky printed shorts!

4. Striped T-Shirt – You guys know my love for a breton stripe and I think it will look adorable having all three boys wearing the same one day on holiday! I’m certainly the mum that likes her kids to match haha


Well those are my Summer holiday picks for the boys from Esprit; I hope you liked all of the goodies and please do stay tuned for more fashion posts I have coming up! Please do et me know below if there are nay posts in particular you’d like to see and I’ll pop them on my list and also let me know your favourite stores for baby, toddler and muma fashion!


Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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