Staying Local

Quite often when I’m giving tips to other mumas for things like staying positive, being organised and just generally surviving motherhood I find myself offering the same piece of advice – try something new. Now of course I stand by this; pushing out of our comfort zones and venturing to new places has a whole heap of benefits for your whole family. You’re getting out of your rut you may be stuck in, gaining new experiences, having the chance to meet new people and, well basically it’s jsut good for the soul. There’s a lot to be said however for staying local. Most of the time I’m so focused on going somewhere fun, a country park where we can cram in a train ride, feeding the ducks, throwing stones in the sea and a play in the park, or perhaps a new trampolining school or woodland walk but I tend to forget jsut how nice it is to go to my local park.

This morning I woke up with no plans. The sun was shining, both boys were in fantastic moods and I eagerly began googling places to visit with kids in Hampshire. It was after about 20 minutes of trying to match travel time with nap times, deciding what to pack for lunch and what clothes we’d need in any scenario that I just thought f*** it – I’m staying local.

Now I wouldn’t have done this if I were still stuck in my rut of going to the same park day in day out but seen as I hadn’t been for so long it was actually a bit of a novelty. Our local park is actually a village along from us but it’s close enough to not need to bring a stock pile of nappies, bottles and┬áspare clothes. If Jenson got hungry we could drive home before he escalated to a scream and if Jasper got his clothes mucky we’d be home quick enough for him to stay awake and be changed in no time.

I also love the potential for meeting local mums when we stay close; of course it’s nice to meet mumas anywhere but if you’re a bit further afield it’s not always as easy to meet again and you’re less likely to make the effort unless you REALLY click in the first instance.

Meeting local mumas is just easier; you probably know the same places and maybe even the same people; you have common ground and chances are at least something in common to talk about.

Well that didn’t happen to me today, there were other mumas in the park but they were already together as friends and I honestly was having such a wonderful day with the boys that I wasn’t fussed about meeting anyone new. Of course it would have been lovely but it’s nice enough to know that I’ll probably see those Mumas again at the same park or maybe a local play group and we’ll have that common ground already.

Jasper and Jenson were such reams today and I really believe it’s because the pressure was off. Yes they love going to new and fun places but having me a little bit more relaxed, not running around packing things and telling Jasper to ‘go go go get in the car’ just made him wonderfully easy-going which in turn made me a contented Muma.


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So here’s to the days of no plans, staying local and toddler tantrum-free!


Thanks for reading!

Jess x

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