Staunton Country Park and Farm

Family has always been so important to me and Pete but with the sadness that’s hit both of our families this year we’ve become even more determined to spend quality time together as much as possible. Our nieces and nephews are all still really young and luckily can all enjoy going to the same places and playing together so going for family outings is still a really fun experience. We want to make the most of this though as we know the older ones will soon be too cool to run around with the littlest ones and won’t be as interested in joining us on day trips.

This weekend we went with Pete’s family to Staunton Country Park. I’d been a couple of times before with friends and Pete’s family had been too but Pete hadn’t been for a while so it was nice to refresh his memory especially now that he’s a dad and can see his boys enjoying what he did when he was younger. It’s located in Havant, Hampshire and is definitely a hidden gem if you’re local!

Staunton is a lovely place to walk around; it has gardens to explore, trees to climb and a maze to run around in.
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There’s also a fun little park, soft play area and of course the farm animals! There are the usual kinds of animals you find at a farm, goats, ducks, cows etc and you can get in and stroke some of them which was really fun for no-fear Jasper!dsc00830 dsc00832 dsc00836 dsc00838 dsc00839 dsc00840 dsc00843 dsc00844 dsc00848 dsc00818 dsc00819 dsc00821 dsc00824 dsc00826 dsc00828 dsc00816 dsc00814 dsc00812 dsc00810 dsc00806 dsc00796 dsc00797 dsc00799 dsc00802 dsc00804 dsc00805 dsc00791 dsc00790 dsc00786
It really does melt my heart to see all of the kids together and I’m determined to take more pictures of family days out like these. They may even end up in frames if this mama gets her butt in gear!


Do you see your family regularly or more on special occasions?


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