Space saving hacks for babies nursery

When our newest addition arrives this Summer he’ll be lucky enough to get a room of his own. His older brothers share a pretty large room so we’ve decided to turn our spare room into the nursery. Of course he’ll be in with us for the first few months, and you never know, Jasper or Rhys may desperately want to trade places or share with him instead, but for now as it stands he’ll have his very own nursery.

Now the room isn’t huge, it’s the box room of the house. At the moment it fits a single bed and about 10 storage boxes (kind of a dumping ground) so there’s room, just not a whole heap of it. With this is mind I thought I’d share my top space-saving hacks for getting the most out of a small space nursery. Oh and I’ve thrown in some money saving hacks too!

  1. Rethink essentials. This is easier said than done the second time around and if someone had told me during my first pregnancy not to bother buying so much stuff I would have ignored them as it’s all part of the fun. This time though, I know what was a waste of time and what I’ll really need. For example, do you really need a baby bouncer, baby swing and a baby swing that bounces? Think about borrowing equipment from others or using them round other peoples houses to see if they’re right for you and baby before committing to buy them and filling your space with junk.
  2. Shop around. Most baby items, apart from the staples like nursery furniture, will only get used for a small fraction of time. This means they’re usually in mint condition when it comes to getting rid of them. You can find some fab second hand bargains on selling sites, social media, NCT nearly new sales and even being passed down from friends and family.
  3. Invest in the big stuff. Spending a little more on the staple nursery items will save you in the long run. A good cot bed will do your child right from birth to toddler life and if the quality is good it can then be reused for your next children and even passed down generations. Urbane by Boori is all about smaller contemporary designs so they’re a great option for small but great quality pieces.
  4. Storage – I am OBSESSED with storage. Baskets, boxes, cases – you name it. Stack them on the floor, slot them into shelves and under cots and simply pull out the ones you need when you need them. Keep them organised though, ones for books, ones for soft toys etc don’t just fill them randomly and then wonder why you can’t find a thing. IMG_8661
  5. Speaking of storage. You can get beautiful cots now with built in drawer space underneath, perfect for storing away clothes, toys or toiletries! Boori’s Sleigh Royale cot bed has under drawer storage that you can use for baby items when they’re tiny and then as a secret hideaway for their toys and trinkets as they get older.Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 09.58.15
  6. Rotate decor – Don’t worry about trying to get all of those pictures and trinkets out at the same time. Sometimes you can be gifted so many items that people think will go perfectly with your nursery but it ends up making it look over crowded and messy. Store some away and every couple of months swap them around for a fresh, uncluttered look.
  7. Maximise closet space – If you have a built in wardrobe or are using a standard size one intended for adults then simply add in an extra rail lower down and a couple of extra shelves. You’ll be taking up the same amount of space but storing double or even triple the amount!
  8. Resist the urge to hoard keepsakes. Sure it’s wonderful to look back at babies first dummy and pair of shoes but do you really want a box full of that stuff? Select one favourite outfit and I don’t mean one vest, one romper, one jacket, one pair of leggings – just one thing that makes your heart melt. Do the same for stuffed animals too. I had a huge box of things from Jasper that I never looked at and although it was tough narrowing it all down now it’s a small box of a select few heart melting items and I look though it quite often.
  9. Now’s the time to edit that wardrobe. Thank you baby shower guests for your generosity but baby probably doesn’t need 15 newborn sized hats or 23 bibs. Think realistically about what your little one is going to use and the rest can be packed away for the next baby, given to charity or even re gifted.
  10. Pack away what they’re not ready for. It’s a great idea to pick up larger sizes in the sales but you don’t need them wasting valuable space. Have storage boxes labelled in sizes so when little one starts to grow out of items you can switch things around. Equally keep it seasonal, you don’t need babies snow suit in their wardrobe during Summer; see if you can store it in the attic or the coat cupboard instead.
  11. Picture bookshelves are such a great space saver. We’ve used them in the boys room since they were little, they’re not only a great way to store books without a chunky bookshelf but they allow little ones to actually see the covers rather than just the spines. You could also use these for pictures frames too!IMG_8658
  12. Transform built in spaces. If you have a built in wardrobe already then why not turn it into a mini changing station. Take out the lower shelves, pop in a changing table that fits and use the space above you to store baskets with nappies and wipes and even have hooks for muslin cloths and toys to entertain bambini. Similarly if you have an awkward shaped nook from a fireplace then use that to add in storage baskets or shelves.
  13. Keep it light. It goes without saying that white can open up a room. Painting a box room in black or dark shades will really make it appear even smaller than it is so opt for neutral shades all over and maybe a feature bright wall if you’re feeling adventurous. For this little man we’ll be keeping it all white, including the furniture with the odd splashes of colour from storage boxes and accessories.
  14. Use the ceiling. You have a whole blank canvas up there that opens up a world of possibilities. Hang little stars, bunting, garlands, model aeroplanes or hot air balloons – you could really get creative. Of course don’t over do it, you don’t want it to look overcrowded but adding some detail will not only be fun for bambini to look up at but it’ll save you valuable wall space.IMG_8659

Well those are my top tips for saving space and money when it comes to nursery decor. If you have any more then please do add them in the comments, I’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading,

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  • Momma Jones
    17th April 2016 at 11:24 am Reply

    Some great tips here. Thanks. It’s hard to know first time what is essential and what isn’t; I ended up buying so many things online in the middle of the night in a panic to try and help our eldest sleep, etc., but we’re on our second now, and i don’t seem to need nearly so many things. A good cot, definitely. But then our boy ended up sleeping best in his travel cot! It’s easy to try and spend so much trying to get the perfect thing, when so many of them are only used for a month or two. But I love the space-creating idea here, because that is something you can never get enough of! 🙂

    • Jessica
      24th April 2016 at 1:49 pm Reply

      It really is so tricky to know isn’t it? and with your first you don’t want to miss out on anything so end up buying so many things that do the same job but look slightly different! You certainly can never get enough of space! Thanks for commenting my love <3

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