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Baby bear isn’t sleeping through the night just yet so please don’t think I’m some kind of ‘nailed it in a month’ gloating mama (I mean if I had nailed it in a month I would totally be gloating right now but alas I have not) however whilst we are cluster feeding during the day, we are going 4-5 hour stretches of sleep at night time and when they work out at 10pm, 2am and 6am that really is only one wake for me. Therefore I’m pretty happy with how sleeping is going in our household and definitely put it down to a combination of learning from my mistakes with Jasper and using the following sleep products.

Of course every baby is different so please don’t take this as gospel but these are products I would totally recommend:

Snuzpod – This bedside crib is the perfect accompaniment to co-sleeping. It attaches to your bed frame securely, allowing you to be as close as possible to your baby at night time while still being completely safe with no risk of rolling onto them; or them rolling off the bed. This is so perfect for night feeds as you don’t need to get out of bed to go and get your baby. It’s especially convenient if you’ve had a c-section or simply a tough physical recovery after labour as again all you need to do is sit up and lean over to get to your baby. What I love is that baby bear is close enough to smell and sense me which I believe helps him to feel more secure and therefore sleep better. The Snuzpod also acts as a standalone cot as well as a basinet so if you do want to move them into their own room or let them sleep downstairs while you cook you can keep them in the bed they’re comfortable in rather than transitioning them to other ones.sleep9

Sleepyhead – This has been a dream, it’s literally like a giant portable hug. The Sleepyhead is a sleep pod that imitates the womb to make baby feel snug and secure. Placing bambino into it is a smooth transition and his position stays virtually the same as if he is still in my arms. It fits perfectly into the Snuzpod as well as babies cot, swinging crib and moses basket and has a load of other uses including for tummy time, changing and bed transitioning. It’s completely portable so perfect for using whilst travelling and makes bed sharing safe.sleep6 sleep5

Moses basket – We keep ours downstairs so that if I’m pottering around in the kitchen or living room and baby bear is asleep I can keep him close by me. It’s perfect to move around the house with its sturdy handles and  It’s so convenient to carry around and is often found on our kitchen table while I cook, on the sofa while I watch TV or on my bed while I put away clothes. It allows me to keep an eye on baby boy while I get jobs done and also helps him to get used to sleeping in different environments and around different noises! This time around we opted for a gorgeous one of a kind Plum and Sparrow basket however you can buy them so inexpensively at as little as £30 a pop from retailers such as John Lewis and Mothercare.

He also has a cot in his room and swinging crib in the living room which I often put the Moses basket or sleepyhead in.sleep2

Blackout blind

When starting Jensons nursery we knew straight away we’d be needing a blackout blind. The boys have one in their room and it’s just essential for blocking out the sunlight to avoid early morning wake ups and to help bambino nap in the day time as well as to avoid street lamps and car lights keeping them up in the night.

We were really kindly made our blackout Roman blind in gorgeous white Egyptian cotton to suit the minimalistic style we’re aiming for in baby Bears nursery. It has four layers of fabric to ensure that the sunlight is completely blocked out and it’s fitted to a high quality cartridge style track to make it not only easy to open and close quietly while Bear sleeps but easily if I’m doing it one handed while feeding or simply holding him. It was made by The Curtain Gallery who you can find on Facebook – definitely worth going for the personal touch of an independent company as we’ve had some nightmares with wrong sizes being made by big companies simply batch making them. sleep12 sleep13

Whisbear – Now this is a contraption I would recommend to any muma of a newborn! It plays white noise, specifically a hairdryer sound which lulls baby off to a deep slumber; but what’s amazing about it is that it has an auto cry sensor. Basically if baby wakes in the night and starts to cry the white noise automatically switches back on and shushes baby to sleep. This is great because if like me, it takes you a little while to wake up and realise what’s going on, quite often your little one can be fully awake before you’ve gotten to them, making it harder for them to get back off to sleep. This way they don’t have time to fully wake up and unless they’re hungry, need a nappy change or are poorly, they’ll be able to drift back off without you even realising they woke in the first place!sleep1

Other white noise products we used in the past with Jasper and now use with Jenson are Ewan the Dream Sheep and Tranquil Turtle. Ewan has 4 different types of white noise which turn on by gently pressing the buttons on his feet. My favourite and in my opinion most successful of the 4 is the heartbeat noise which imitates the sound your baby would have heard while in the womb giving them that sense of closeness to their muma even from a different room. It’s belly also glows red acting as a little nightlight for bambino and it’s super soft and comfy so perfect for cuddling!

The Tranquil Turtle projects ocean waves on the ceiling; while playing gentle ocean sounds. It acts as a night light as well as something for baby to drift off to sleep watching and listening to. Although the head, arms and legs are soft and comfy the back is a hard plastic shell so it’s not so much of a comforter but is still safe to be in their cot with them. sleep10


Sleep bag

Where the weather was cooler when Bear was first born we started off swaddling him or laying a blanket over him from the waste down and tucking it over and under his Sleepyhead. This never really worked as he is such a wriggler like his older brother and no matter how well we swaddled or tucked he would always break free within seconds. He definitely slept better with something on him though and needed that warmth and comfort so we started using baby sleep bags and haven’t gone back since!

Our favourite at the moment is the Mama Designs Babasac as it has an inner lining that unzips when the weather is cooler making it a 2in1 multi tog sleep bag suitable for all year round!dsc00227

Sleepy Bobo

Now this is amazing. It looks like a giraffe teddy but it’s actually a portable device that gently rocks your baby to sleep in their carseat, swinging crib, moses basket or bouncer chair. The chin of the giraffe rests over the edge of wherever your little one is laying and simply adjust the rocker speed, time and neck height of the giraffe to suit your needs! sleep11


What are your go-to products for helping your little one sleep well? Have you used any of these?


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  • Sarah
    25th September 2016 at 6:23 am Reply

    This is such a helpful post! You write such great, straightforward reviews. We hope baby bear continues to sleep in the longer stretches! 🙂

    • Jessica
      25th September 2016 at 10:19 am Reply

      Aww thank you so much Sarah I’m so glad you found it helpful 🙂

  • Georgina
    29th September 2016 at 7:54 pm Reply

    Some good tips – do you find your sleepyhead fits into Moses Baskets? I was told they were too big?

    Georgina Clarke – Pregnancy & Baby Blog

    • Jessica
      10th December 2016 at 9:49 pm Reply

      It does fit into mine but it is quite snug 🙂

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