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I’ve finally hit that wonderful point in my life where I’ve found my perfect skincare routine. Now that’s not to say I think my skin is perfect, far from it; I’ve just found the products that bring out the best in my skin.

For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered on and off from breakouts and clogged pores and had always put it down to having oily skin, even though my skin never actually had any excess oil. I’d always avoid moisturisers and wouldn’t touch a serum with a barge pole, wrongly assuming that they’d simply make the problem worse.

I always over used exfoliators and would use quite harsh toners that left my skin feeling dry and tight; but for some reason the clogged pores and spots just kept appearing. Even throughout pregnancy and since having Jasper my skin stayed the same and I couldn’t figure it out.

Before the wedding I went for a skin peel at Sk:n clinic and the dermatologist gave me some information that changed how I looked at my skincare forever. She did a full examination of my face and told me that my skin type wasn’t actually oily, far from it, it was dry.

She explained that my skin was producing more oils to make up for the lack of natural oils it had, which it turn, was causing the blocked pores and breakouts. It made perfect sense and since altering my skincare routine to adapt to my newly diagnosed skin type – I’ve seen huge improvements.

I’ve filmed a vlog talking through my skincare routine and a bit in depth about the products which is below. I would highly recommend all of the products I use, they’re all very gently on your skin and although in the high end price range, are definitely worth the investment! I would also 100% recommend going for a consultation with a professional to find out what exactly your skin type is and whether a treatment would be right for you or if you can simply alter your skincare routine to get the results you want!

What do you use for your daily skincare routine?


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