Role Play fun at Tots City

Today we woke up with no plans and as I had both boys at home I really wanted to do something different. We’ve been going to our favourite country parks a lot lately and have kind of done them to death so I got searching for something a bit different to do. Jasper initially requested a dinosaur park but most of the places that could count as that like the dinosaur museum were quite far away and I wanted to stay local. I then remembered that there was a new role play centre open in Southampton and as Jasper had loved that kind of thing before we decided on that!

We’d been to Little Street in Frimley a few times and Teeny Town in Gosport but this new one, Tots City was so much closer and looked fab on the website. We headed there with our friends and it was just such a lovely play date idea. DSC07275

If you’ve not been to this kind of thing before then it’s basically a miniature town lined with mini shops for your teeny tots to play in. Each one that I’ve been to has had different shops, most have a supermarket and doctors surgery but then there could be a cafe, building site, hairdressers – all sorts. You book a time slot, usually 1.5 hours and spaces are limited so you don’t have to worry about it getting too busy. Usually it’s booking only but I think the ones I’ve been to all accept drop-ins if there are spaces.

DSC07298 DSC07296

They also have a cafe there for us mumas to sit and have a cuppa and a natter whilst the little ones delve into a world of imagination and role play. It’s honestly so much fun to witness and I always find myself requesting an ice-cream from the checkout or popping on a wig in the theatre – it’s seriously like re-living my childhood!


Tots City has a farmyard, recycling plant, supermarket, theatre, doctors surgery and a cafe and each mini station is equipped with all of the accessories your little one needs to feed their imaginations. Jasper sorted plastics and papers in the recycling plant, served ice-cream from the supermarket and his little buddy Ronnie dressed up in the theatre.
DSC07271 DSC07273 DSC07274
DSC07280 DSC07281 DSC07291DSC07285 DSC07283

The mini town is designed for ages 1-5 years but non-walkers are welcome (and free) so Jenson and his little buddy Rocco crawled around and had lots of fun with the mini farmyard. DSC07299DSC07287DSC07276

If you’re looking for a playdate idea that’s cheap (£3 per adult and child), different, super fun and even better – educational then, a role play cafe is the perfect idea! They’re getting really popular now and seem to be popping up in every city which is fab, especially as our closest one used to be over an hour away!

The time slot gave us a bit of structure to our day and we could choose one to suit nap times and toddler attitude times; the cafe made it a wonderful place for a catch up and the teeny town made for a safe, exciting and unique way for the kids to feed their imaginations.

Have you been to a role play cafe?


Thanks for reading,
Jess x


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  • Vonnie
    16th May 2017 at 7:15 pm Reply

    Looks like fun! You should definitely do a blog about some of the best places to go with little ones. I’ve never heard of this and I’ve lived in Southampton for years! Also, really want to know more about the Dino museum!!

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