Rhys’s first dip in the river

If you read my post on boys being boys than you’ll know me and Pete want our boys to experience everything. We don’t want them to be scared and we want them to find as many interest as they can.

So this weekend, we got Rhys a wetsuit and took him down to Hamble river.


After rephrasing Petes initial idea of ‘just chucking him in’, he walked him in slowly – it was pretty cold!



How beautiful are father and son moments like these!?


He looked so adorable in his little outfit that inflated making him look a tad like a pregnant lady haha


He did find it a bit cold but loved splashing about and looking at the water moving. I think I’ll find him some jellies for next time as it was a bit stoney and you never know what’s on the floor.

Our next adventure will be the boys motorbike. Pete bought in this week (I’m pretty sure for him as he’s been on it every night since) and once we’ve got Rhys a helmet and pads he’ll be off on that! Eek! I’ll be watching through my hands!

Thanks for reading xxx

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  • Dianne
    30th July 2014 at 9:23 am Reply

    Good idea about the jellies. You should also get an inflatable boat x

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