Resistance band booty workout

Yes guys that’s right, I’m going all Kim K on your arses (excuse the pun) and I’m on a mission to gain a bigger booty! I’m actually on an overall weight gain journey which I have started to write about but it’s a bit of a long one; I want to gain muscle, gain a stone or two and be generally healthier but in a bid to get my pre-baby body back and feel a bit more ‘me’ I want to build that booty.

I’ve never had a huge bum but there was definitely a time when I used to squat daily that I had some really great curves and since having kids those curves are no more. My boobs have stayed (fake) and they’re not going anywhere but from the side I look like a bit of a lollypop with boobs … so with that in mind I am on ‘mission booty build’ and to take me out of my comfort zone I’m sharing the journey with you all!


I started with a lot of at home workouts, watching Youtube tutorials from some amazing mumas with some sweet behinds (yea I’ve become a massive butt pervert); and I’m now doing weights in the gym and have already started seeing results! I promise I’m not going for anything crazy just a rounded peach and I just hope I keep up the motivation to see the results.

To kick start, here’s one of my favourite pieces of equipment to use – a resistance band. I used to do all of these exercises before without one but I felt like I needed to up my game a bit and add in some resistance to really work myself harder … oh my is it harder!

Here are 9 exercises that I do at home with a resistance band to build my booty, please do let em know of you give them a go and of course comment below and tell me your favourite booty building workouts too!


Thanks for reading guys,

Jess x


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