Rainy Day Walks

I rarely post about what we’ve been up to on a day to day basis as a family. I spam the heck out of instagram and vlog our weekly lives but when I see other bloggers posting about their family walks, pub lunches and snuggle at home days I feel a sense of envy that I haven’t documented those on here.

With that in mind I’ve started to consciously take photos during the day on my camera rather thank just my phone. Not every day but if we go out for a nice walk or if Jasper’s doing something adorable; I have my camera on me all of the time anyway so it’ not been much more effort to quickly snap a few pictures in-between filming.

I won’t be writing full on posts about the pictures, I mean there’s not much I can say about the walk we went on and I’d like these photos to speak for themselves. So here are some snaps from the weekend; we love going on rainy day walks and when the heavens opened we decided to take a stroll to the old golf course at the end of our road that will soon be turned into hundred of homes. It was boggy and wet but so so beautiful and there was even a helicopter parked on the hotel grounds that the boys were a tad excited over!
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