In all of the crazy, busy excitement of life lately I somehow forgot to let you guys in on some very exciting news. I’m so pleased to share with you that I am now one of 9 members of the Pampers Baby Board, a UK based group of parenting vloggers, bloggers and instagrammers with one thing in common … we all love to share our journey through parenthood.


When I first started this blog I never in a million years thought I’d get the chance to work with any brands, let alone huge household names like Pampers. My blog began with the aim to document my feelings, capture the moments and vent when I was covered in baby sick and spilt milk; so it really is an honour to now be able to use my platform to collaborate with influential brands and hopefully help other parents out there.

As part of my role on the Pampers Baby Board; I got to become a Pampers ambassador; working for a whole year on their various campaigns, product launches and charitable work with UNICEF. I know I’m not alone in saying that when I think of nappies, I think of Pampers and it is so wonderful to team up with a brand that is such a huge part of our family life.

We’ve always used Pampers, they’ve worked wonders with Rhys, Jasper and now Jenson and I can honestly say no other brand comes close. We don’t get leaks, the boys skin remains soft and smooth and they’re available to buy pretty much everywhere – a massive bonus! They’ve also got a fab app which I spoke about here whereby you get points for every pack of nappies you buy – which basically means that you’re literally earning points for every nappy change … it’s wonderful!

One thing that I really appreciate when it comes to Pampers as a brand is how caring they are when it comes to the health, happiness and development of the babies who are wearing their nappies. They really do put so much time and effort into research to ensure their products are always continually improving; and one way of doing this was to invite the Pampers Baby Board over to their Innovation Centre in Frankfurt Germany which isn’t open to the general public!

Unfortunately as Jenson was so young and I was still breastfeeding I wasn’t able to attend but I had actually been before a couple of years ago and thoroughly loved it! I knew the rest of the team would have an amazing time and learn so much and I really did feel a little sad that I couldn’t go back. The facilities are incredible; they’re huge, state of the art and made with bambinos in mind!screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-14-51-52screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-14-53-36

The board got to learn about the history of Pampers as a brand as well as meet the team there, which consists of some pretty incredible individuals. I remember being so impressed and quite touched at how passionate the team were about their products and how driven they were to provide only the best for our little ones bottoms! I recognised a lot of the faces in the video from their trip and I remember many of the employees saying they had been within the company for many years – a true sign of a great brand to work for!

At the heart of the innovation centre is where the most important kind of product testing goes on featuring the cutest teeny tiny testing team ever – babies! Pampers have a wonderful concept whereby chosen parents are able to take their babies in, pop a Pampers nappy on them and let them play in the super fun soft play area. They take ph level tests from the little ones legs just outside of the nappy and then just inside the nappy to check the differences and then test nappies once they’re worn as well as take feedback from the parents. It’s all done in a super chilled way, no science lab environment and the parents get to have a natter while their little ones have fun. They also have a scheme whereby parents are able to pop in, take a weeks’ worth of nappies home to try in exchange for some feedback afterwards which I believe was ticking a couple of boxes after each nappy change to let the team know how they got on.

The team also got a tour of the centre even including some top secret locations *no cameras allowed*. They saw from start to finish how a nappy is made and let me tell you there is so much more involved in the process then you’d think! Then onto a bit of science! The team got to put the nappies to the test … no they didn’t try them on, that would be a bit odd, but they got to test out Pampers nappies by pouring liquid into each one and testing the difference in level of absorbency. Pampers nappies give up to 12 hours of dryness which is pretty incredible! They have 3 absorbing channels which help to distribute the wetness evenly meaning there is less bulk, no nappy sag and more comfort … the perfect recipe for a full nights sleep!

I’ve always been so brand loyal to Pampers but teaming up with them this year and watching my fellow Baby Board members at the same innovation centre that I visited really has reminded me just how centred around our babies best interests Pampers really is. They’re inspired by babies and that really does show.

If you’d like to watch how the team got on with their trip I’ve popped the video below; do check it out, it really is quite fascinating!


I’m so excited for the upcoming months to share with you all that Pampers has going on and I hope you’ll stay tuned for the ride!

Do you use Pampers nappies and wipes? If so why?

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

*This blog post is sponsored as part of my role on the Pampers Baby Board. All opinions are my own. 

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