With both of my pregnancies, I distinctly remember getting to the 37 week mark and thinking ‘yes, I’m in the clear’. Even though I knew complications could arise at any time, even after birth, I had this sense of safety that I’d reached 37 weeks of pregnancy and that more importantly, if my little ones were to be born from then on, they’d be classed as full term, fully developed and less likely to need medical intervention for help with things like breathing and temperature regulation.

I had nothing to worry about in the end with either of my boys as they were both fashionably late making us wait 4 days for their arrivals and oh my were those extra 4 days’ worth the wait … slow and frustrating but worth the wait nonetheless. Seeing how tiny they both were when they arrived, Jasper more so than Jenson who was quite the chunk, was just remarkable. I couldn’t believe how teeny their hands and feet were and that they were really fully fledged humans. There really is nothing like newborn toes to make you think about how amazing the human body is but, to think that babies every day are born weeks younger than my boys is just incredible to me.

I don’t have any close friends or family members that have given birth to their little ones prematurely but I have seen so much online and read such heart-breaking and also heart-warming stories that just show how much strength and fight babies have even when born pre-term.

As part of my role as a Pampers Baby Board Ambassador I get the chance to learn about the various projects and collaborations they work on and last week I received a package from them that literally brought me to tears. Approximately 1 in 11 babies are born prematurely in the UK every year (about 60,000!). With the happy and healthy development of all babies at the fore front of everything they do, Pampers have actually been talking to neonatal unit intensive care nurses around the world who let them know that the current premature nappies available are just too big for the smallest babies; often being cut and folded to fit which results in discomfort and impedes the healthy development of baby’s hips and legs. DSC06772 DSC06771

With this in mind, Pampers have designed nappies to fit the smallest of premature babies and oh my goodness just look at how tiny they are. This really shows me just how fortunate I was to have two babies born full term with the luxury of no complications and access to a host of nappies and clothing to fit.

Pampers Preemie Protection Range comes in three sizes: P1, P2 and P3, the smallest of the three. P3 is three sizes smaller than a regular newborn nappy and suitable for babies weighing as little as 1.8lbs! Jenson was 8lbs so this shows just how tiny these tots are!

DSC06773 DSC06769DSC06917 DSC06919 DSC06920 DSC06925

These new nappies will minimise discomfort and allow for easy and comfortable sleep, feeding and medical care as appose to the current premature nappies which have thicker waistbands and can get in the way.

Pampers want to help as many babies as possible and will be donating approximately 3 million of their Preemie Protection nappies to Neonatal Unit’s across the UK meaning that every premature baby in the UK will have access to nappies that are designed specifically for their needs. Pampers are also teaming up with Bliss, the UK’s leading charity for premature or sick babies who support not only the babies but their families as well. Pampers will be donating £1 to Bliss for every picture that parents share on social media of their little ones with a raised fist – celebrating the fighting spirit these premature babies are showing daily.


If you’d like to get involved then please do share your picture using the hashtag #powerofbabies on social media and let’s see what an impact we can make for premature babies across the UK.


Thanks for reading,

Jess x

* This post is sponsored by Pampers however all opinions are my own and we have always been avid Pampers fans



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