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Ever since becoming a step muma to Rhys I’ve always known Pampers to be my go-to brand for nappies and wipes. It started because that was the brand Rhys’s mum used, plain and simple but it has now become a firm favourite in our household and something we’d be hard pushed to switch out.

With this baby Bear it was a no brainer to continue the trend and be brand loyal. Before he even arrived we had a wardrobe stocked with mini newborn sized Pampers that are now, just as with his older brothers, the perfect nappies for him. That’s not to say that I love nappy changing at all; with sometimes over 10 nappy changes a day it can become a bit of a chore, especially during that grain mustard stage – gross! That’s why Pampers have decided to reward us parents for our nappy changing efforts. They couldn’t figure out a way to make us all a cuppa after each nappy change so they went for the next best thing, the Pampers Club App, where you get rewarded for the nappies you buy.

The app is free to download and super simple to use from your smartphone. How it works is you buy your Pampers nappies as you normally would, either online or in store and then take a picture of your receipt using the app. You’ll then be rewarded 10 Pampers points for every £1 spent which can be redeemed in the form of savings and rewards for you and baby.

There’s a wide range of rewards to redeem depending on the number of points you have and it doesn’t take long to save up for the higher point rewards! Here are some of the fab ones included:

  • A range of photo products including prints, books, canvases, frames, albums, cards, wall calendars and personalised phone cases.
  • Baby toys including puzzles, stacking toys and push and pull-along toys.
  • 3-6 month magazine subscriptions for parents – (Mother & Baby, Gurgle, Top Sante and Grazia) and for kids – (National Geographic kids, StoryBox and Adventure Box).





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To make it even more rewarding for us parents and to celebrate the launch of the Pampers Club app, if you download it between the 19th and 23rd of September you’ll receive 1,000 bonus points to get you started – that’s double bonus points!

I downloaded it today and bought two packs of newborn nappies in Boots which were already a bargain at 2 packs for £8 and then earned 600 points. This could qualify me for a personalised Disney poster, £2 off Pampers new baby jumbo pack or 50 standard 6×4 photo prints!

If you’re yet to try Pampers then I would wholeheartedly recommend them, from a mother with a toddler that’s suffered from eczema and dermatitis I can safely say they’re not only practical and functional but gentle on bambinos skin – a major factor when it comes to nappies. If you’re already a Pampers parent then make sure to download the app and start getting rewarded for those nappy changes!

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