When I shared with you guys my 2017 goals I mentioned that I had a few family ones, one of which was for the boys to start up a new hobby. Jasper at the time did Gym Tots and swimming lessons once a week but he wasn’t really enjoying his swimming lessons so I knew that we’d be cutting those out.  I wanted to try him with a few different clubs to see which ones he liked and I had in my mind football, rugby, dancing maybe some kind of martial arts; but this week I think we found it – the skatepark!

Now I know this isn’t a class or a club but it’s an activity that we’d never done before and something that the boys absolutely loved! They’ve both had scooters for a while now but because we never had helmets or pads we only really used them in the garden or the odd trip to the country park. This weekend though we decided to kit them out and see if they got into it, plus I hadn’t actually taken Jasper to try any new clubs and as we’re already in May I kind of had to get my skates on – get it?

We popped to Halfords and let them choose helmets, elbow and knee pads and gloves; Jasper went for green dinosaurs and Rhys a Spiderman helmet and fire engine pads. Oh my goodness they looked so adorable with it all on and they were so excited to get to ‘Scooter Land’ as Pete taught them to call it; it was just so adorable!

So we turned up to our local skatepark, scattered with costa cups and broken glass, and off the boys scootered. Rhys took to it instantly, I’m not sure if he has a scooter at his Mums house but he certainly took to it really quickly. Jasper was a little more hesitant, his scooter was a bit stiffer which made it quite jerky so he took a few tumbles but I was so proud of how he got right back up and carried on each time!
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For the rest of the day the boys kept asking when we were going back to ‘Scooter Land’ so we’ll definitely be making a trip back soon! I think we’ll try to make it a weekly thing as we’re a little bored of our local play area and this is such a fab way to build the boys confidence, plus if they get bored of scooters they can take their bikes or even try out skateboarding or roller boots!

My only negative about the whole experience was how trashed the skatepark was; there was a guy there cleaning it up but it would have been nice not having to worry about the boys falling in broken glass. Our lovely chummy Soph from Mumology takes her little boy Theo to a toddler friendly one in Poole so I think we’ll check that one out soon and if anyone in Hampshire knows of any other good ones please do pop them below!

Oh another negative – swearing kids! I swear at the age of 12 I was not showing off and shouting at my friends to ‘F Off’; after feeling a bit irritated that my three and four year old could hear them I shouted over asking them to ‘PLEASE stop swearing’, to which they replied with a resounding ‘NOOOOO’. Joke was on them though because when Pete marched over they didn’t seem so cocky; of course he didn’t tell them off, he simply asked them not to swear in front of young children – lesson learnt I hope!


What activities do you do with your little ones?

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