10k, 1 million and a Q&A

When I first started blogging I never really had any goals. I wanted to document my pregnancy with Jasper and I guess keep myself busy as I’d left my job in Dubai to be a stay at home pregnant person in the UK; but things like stats and figures were never on my agenda.

The more I blogged the more I gained and the more I gained the stronger the motivation to carry on blogging was.

Over the course of time my motives with my blog have changed; or maybe not changed, They’ve expanded. I still want the same things as before but now I have new ambitions on top of those that I’d never even imagined wanting.

I still want to document my family life, the boys milestones and the highs and lows of motherhood like I always have but I also want to help other parents by sharing my experiences. Somewhere along the way numbers also started to become more important. I became more focused on reaching targets like views, followers, likes, subscribers etc and even though I’ve never had any pressure to grow these numbers, I still challenge myself to meet my own targets.

Back in 2016, around New Years I set myself some goals. I didn’t share them, probably for fear of not reaching them after telling all of you but I wrote them down and planned to ‘silently smash them’ by New Years Eve 2017.

Well last month I hit my first goal – 10 thousand subscribers on Youtube. At the time I was on 5 thousand and I honestly thought it was ambitious of me to try and double that in twelve months. Well I think it must have been my minimalism videos that did it because by the middle of March, so less than a quarter of the way into the year, I reached that goal.

Now I know to many this is such a small milestone but I also know that for many this is pretty big and in no way am I gloating, I just really want to encourage anyone who has that goal in mind, or any goal for that matter, that they are so realistic and we will all get there with hard work and support for each other.

Another milestone that I reached, which was never even a goal of mine as the number to me just seemed so far away, was one million views on my channel. Now that’s not on one video in particular, it’s my overall views of all of my videos combined but to me that was pretty momentous in my vlogging career.

So with all of this in mind I decided I needed to do a bit of a celebratory vlog. There are now double the amount of people watching who have most likely only come over for my minimalsim content and probably don’t know much about me. I also realised that some subscribers who had been there from the beginning still didn’t know too much about my past so I thought a Q&A video would be a great way to let everyone know a bit more about me – not that I’m not an open book already!

I put a shoutout on Instagram and got some really lovely questions and even managed to answer them all during one nap time – winning! So, if you’d like to know a little bit more about me, things like my previous jobs, what countries I’ve lived in and the pretty hot topic of whether we’re having another baby … do check out my Q&A video below!

If you are subscribed to my channel then I just want to say a huge thank you; it really does mean the world to me. Each and every subscriber isn’t just a number, it’s a friend that I vent to, it’s a support system for me and it’s someone that I can reach out to with help and advice. Each subscriber means that I get to do what I love every day; my hobby can be my job and I can spend my days with my boys making content that you guys hopefully love. So honestly, I really do appreciate every single one of you!

If you haven’t subscribed and would like to then please do; it’s just a click of a button and it means that you’ll be kept up to date with our family life as I’m much more regular at posting on Youtube than I am over here.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Jess x


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